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What are hybrid lashes

There’s a lot of conversation about ‘Hybrid Lashes’ at the moment. We think it’s time to unveil the mystery that’s surrounding them. Below we intend to clarify what technique is used to create them, the benefits of this type of lash application and what style of look can be achieved. Whether you are a lash tech wondering what we’re all talking about, a major lash extension lover or simply considering getting eyelash extensions for the first time – we get it! When you’re unfamiliar with the often-obscure lash lingo, it can be confusing. We will guide your discovery through ‘Hybrid Lashes’ to see if they could be an option for you or for your clients.
2024-02-15 10:59:00
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Important Update: Discontinuation of LVL Patch Test Kits

Here at Nouveau Lashes, we have always taught our artists the importance of patch testing to maintain professionalism and ensure you are always putting client safety first. With this in mind, we wanted to update you on some changes to LVL patch testing.

We have been informed by the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) that we must cease production and sale of our patch test kits by 30 September 2023. We understand that many artists like to use these as they offer an easy and convenient way to patch test clients, however the discontinuation of our patch test kits is a directive from the MHRA which we must follow to be compliant.

Please note: this does not change our guidelines on patch testing, which remain an important safety standard for our industry.

2023-08-31 09:20:00
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Introducing Nouveau Beauty: the house of professional beauty

Nouveau Lashes are proud to be part of the Nouveau HD Beauty Group. This group of brands has revolutionised the professional beauty sector for over 30 years. From K.B Pro transforming permanent makeup, HD Brows redefining brows and, of course, our invention of the lash lift with LVL, we are proud to have helped paved the way on reshaping the beauty industry. 

Rather than standing still, the Nouveau HD Beauty Group are on another mission to revolutionise the way professionals can shop and learn. For the first time, they are bringing products, training and advice together under one virtual roof with; the house of professional beauty

2023-06-27 09:46:00
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11 steps to holiday-proof your lashes | Nouveau Lashes

Love your lashes all summer long, with these golden rules of aftercare

Whether you’re new to lashes or a dedicated devotee, our aftercare advice should be worshipped like a bible. Don’t worry if you were too busy admiring your lush new lashes and you’ve forgotten what your lash artist told you – we’ve got your back!

Follow our holiday-season checklist and avoid all summer meltdowns. You’re welcome…

2023-06-01 15:44:00
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The Minimalist Beauty Guide | Nouveau Lashes

2023-02-09 14:28:00
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What are wet look lashes? | Nouveau Lashes

2021-08-18 23:00:00
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