Why lashing is the best side hustle for 2022 | Nouveau Lashes

Why lashing is the best side hustle for 2022 | Nouveau Lashes
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Why lashing is the best side hustle for 2022

Why lashing is the best side hustle for 2022

Whether you’re looking to boost your earnings, find a secondary source of income that works alongside your busy life, or simply love lashes, when it comes to side hustles, we can’t think of anything better than lashing in your spare time to bring in some extra cash. Here’s just some of the reasons why lashing is the perfect side hustle for 2022:



Once you’re confidence has grown with treatments, lashing as a side hustle offers the flexibility and ease to do as many or as little treatments as you like. Choosing your rate, offering product bundles and upskilling so you can offer more than one treatment are all great ways to be even more in control of your earnings. LVL and HD BrowSculpt are super popular treatments that can be performed together; by combining LVL and HD BrowSculpt, you can market to an even wider audience, save time and maximise your earning potential.



Searches for eyelash treatments continue to rise year on year, so it looks like the love for lashing shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, searches for LVL and eyelash extensions are up by 22%. † No matter how often you choose to work, your lash artist skills will always be in demand. Many artists in our community who started lashing on the side of another job end up going full-time because they couldn’t keep up with the client demand!



Once you’re qualified, you can pick your own hours. LVL is a great treatment to fit around a busy schedule or studies, with a treatment time of under one hour. There are lash artists in our community who started lashing on the side of their full-time jobs, such as nursing, as well as artists who fell into lashing as beauty enthusiasts.




With lashing, you have the option to work from home and set up a beauty room, offer mobile appointments that work around your schedule, or rent a room in an already established business – the opportunities are endless.




Once you’re qualified, you can take your lash artistry with you anywhere – all you need is your treatment essentials and a passion for what you’re doing. After all, the love for lashing is worldwide.



Your take home pay would depend on the number of treatments you perform, depending on whatever works around your life priorities. For example, 5 LVL treatments will bring in £225, whereas 10 LVL treatments will bring in £450. For Extend, 5 treatments will bring in £325 per month, and 10 treatments will bring in £650. *


Remember, a full set of lash extensions will cost more than infills. The average treatment price for an Extend treatment is £65, whereas infills will cost your clients around £18; infills are usually needed every 2-3 weeks.


You’ll also have the option to earn additional income if you purchase one of our treatment kits. Our Extend Complete Kit is packed with everything a lash extension artist needs, including all the support to help get started with your side hustle from day one. Offer up to 120 classic or individual lash treatments and earn up to £7,800. * With our LVL Complete Kit, you can offer up to 20 LVL treatments, with an earning potential of £900. *




One of the best things about being a lash artist is that you’re never alone. When you join our lash family, you’ll unlock access to our Nouveau Lashes Ultimate Lash Support Forum, where you can connect with like-minded lash lovers to ask questions, receive support from our lash trainers, share advice and much more.


Ready to start your side hustle? Whether you’re interested in lifting lashes or obsessed with extensions, find out more here




† Source: Google Ads

* Based on average treatment price of £45 (LVL) and £65 (Extend)






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