11 steps to holiday-proof your lashes

11 steps to holiday-proof your lashes

Love your lashes all summer long, with these golden rules of aftercare

Whether you’re new to lashes or a dedicated devotee, our aftercare advice should be worshipped like a bible. Don’t worry if you were too busy admiring your lush new lashes and you’ve forgotten what your lash artist told you – we’ve got your back!

Follow our holiday-season checklist and avoid all summer meltdowns. You’re welcome…

Lash tips for your summer trip

1. Keep oily sun products away from the eyes. Tanning oil and sunscreen affect extension bonds.

2. Clean the eye area thoroughly before bed with a gentle oil-free cleanser. Clogged lash follicles get itchy and rubbing them means bye-bye lashes.

3. Only use mascara specifically developed for individual lash extensions.

4. Wash lashes daily, even if you’re not wearing makeup, and pat them dry to keep oil, sweat and dirt at bay.

5. Swim more in the sea. It’s more lash-friendly. Salt water doesn’t affect lash bonds, while too much chlorinated pool water does.

6. Hydrate lashes to stop them drying out in the heat. Pack a tube of Lash & Brow Conditioning serum.

Things to avoid on your summer trip

7. Don’t go in the swimming pool on day one of your holiday. Newly treated lashes of all types need to stay dry for 24 hours.

8. Don’t pick or pull off lash extensions – the natural lash will break off with the extension, leaving stubby lashes.

9. Don’t rub off makeup. Delicately press or dab the eyelids with cotton pads instead.

10. Don’t have extensions in hay fever season if you’re a sufferer. Eye-rubbing equals lash fallout. Choose LVL instead.

11. Don’t use mascara on your SVS or Volume lashes. It will close the perfected crafted hand-made lash fans.