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Global Volume Lashes Course Information

Our Global Volume training course is not another trend or lash style. This lash extensions course focuses on perfecting the art of handmaking fans and evolving your understanding of bespoke lash creations. With in-depth fanning knowledge, you’ll be able to create limitless looks with a lash health-first approach, including Russian Volume, Hybrid and our very own fluttery SVS. Diversify your lash skills and combine existing knowledge with new inspiration. Take your clients’ lashes to new dimensions with our Global Volume training course, starting in the comfort of your own home.

Our Global Volume training is made up of both online and practical academy modules, where you’ll discover how to select, apply and style lash fans like a true lash technician. The first section of your course will be completed from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you via our online learning system, NouAcademy, with your practical training being held in-class at one of our academies. Fanning can be practiced at home between your online and practical training day. We encourage a minimum of 4 hours fanning practice. You will have successfully qualified when you complete both modules and a case study assessment (if required).

Flexible Online Learning / Half-day in-class training / only £200+VAT

Volume lash extensions before and after

Volume Training Overview

Master the art of multi-lash pick up and fanning techniques. Learn how to place bespoke fans onto a single natural lash with ease and expertise. Following our Weight-for-Weight lash guidelines, you’ll discover that good basics and focusing on lash health are key to creating full, faultless fans and a variety of volume lash looks for your clients, without causing damage to their natural eyelashes. Treatment time takes from 90 minutes to create bespoke sets of natural or full volume lashes that last for up to 8 weeks, with regular 2-3 week infills.

The course price includes the cost of training and kits can be purchased separately – we offer a range of kits to suit your business needs. Kits are not mandatory to complete the training.

Course includes: online training / half-day in-class training / case study assessment (if required) / Flexible kit options from £100+VAT

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Training Level

Suitable for experienced classic lash extension artists


Training Time

Online learning to be completed in your own time, plus half-day in-class training

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Average Treatment Price

£55+ dependent on volume lash look

Why Train with Us?


With our award-winning training, you’ll be taught by international-level artists. Our expert trainers will help guide you through your online theory and in-class practical training so you’re ready to create your own volume lash looks and attract a large client base. You’ll have the skills you need to perfect your consultation skills to deliver bespoke treatments with a truly personal touch. With training academies across the UK, you’ll be sure to find one that fits around your lifestyle.

Once you’re qualified in Global Volume, you’ll be able to attend our Lash Extensions Coaching course; our 2.5-hour, student-led session is completely bespoke and gives you the chance to work closely with one of our expert lash trainers on areas you want to focus on. Whether your goal is to master lash maps, finesse your fans or elevate your classic lash sets, our lash coaches are on hand to help.

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Key Techniques Taught on the Course

Consultation skills

The art of making fans and fanning techniques

Lash styling and comparisons

Customisable lash options

Lash health-first approach

Bespoke volume lash application

Tricks of the trade

Multiple styling techniques



Business advice

Already trained elsewhere?


Boost your current lash skills with our online Skill Boost course. Learn to master lash extensions with confidence, get access to the full Nouveau Lashes product range and understand the benefits of being associated with a consumer recognised brand.

Half-day online course / from only £99+VAT

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