How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

Looking to remove eyelash extensions at home? We have the solution for you!

It’s very important for the health of your natural lashes that you remove extensions in the proper way – that means no pulling them out! Pulling out your lashes can leave your eyes feeling sore, dry and uncomfortable. At home lash extension removers are effective and will gently remove your lash extensions. Alternatively, you can try DIY methods such as baby oil, coconut oil or Vaseline by applying to cotton wool and wiping across your eyelashes to gently loosen your lash extensions. However, remember they’re not specifically formulated for the delicate eye area.

So, whilst we’re all being responsible and staying at home, you can ensure your lashes will be in pristine condition for your next salon visit.

Why do eyelash extensions have to be removed with care?

Eyelash extensions should always be removed carefully to avoid damaging your natural lashes. Most lash extensions will last up to 8 weeks, though they will usually require infills and maintenance every 2 to 3 weeks. The most crucial rule is this: NEVER PULL LASH EXTENSIONS OFF. Pulling at each lash will prematurely remove it, which is especially detrimental if the lash is still in the ‘anagen’ phase – you could be waiting up to several months for regrowth. Check out our helpful guide on the natural lash cycle.

Consultant Optometrist Francesca Marchetti points out: “if lash extensions are pulled out, you could damage the natural lash and the hair follicle, causing an abnormal re-growth, which could end up with the lashes pointing in the wrong direction and scratching the cornea (the front surface of the eye).” The hair follicles may even become damaged to the point where they don’t grow back at all.

Nouveau Lashes artists use the 1-on-1 method when applying individual lash extensions or 1-to-many for volume techniques. This is where each lash is isolated, then the false lash or lashes are placed directly on top. The process eliminates the risk of clumping and losing excess lashes, or damaging your natural eyelashes in the process.

The best lash extensions remover

The best way to remove any lash extensions at home is with our Lash Extension Remover, which is available to purchase online. Our Lash Extension Remover can be used safely and effectively from the comfort of your own home. It’s also suitable for use on all our lash extension treatments: SVS, Russian Volume, Extend and Express.

The kind-to-skin formula softens the bonds used to apply the individual or volume lash extensions, and gently removes them, without damaging or pulling out your natural eyelashes.

Ready to remove? How to use Lash Extension Remover

Apply Nouveau Lashes Lash Extension Remover to classic or volume lash extensions using the following steps:

1. Brush the applicator from root to tip.
2. Leave for 3-5 minute
3. Brush again. You will notice some lashes start to slide off already
4. Repeat the process and leave for a further 5-10 minutes
5. Repeat until all the lash extensions have been removed
6. We recommend cleansing the area afterwards using our Prebiotic Eye Make-up Remover Gel to remove any remaining residue and ensure the eye area is completely clean

Pick up your Lash Extension Remover here and watch our helpful tutorial on how to use it below