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Why We Lose More Lashes In Summer…

Why We Lose More Lashes In Summer…

In summertime, you may notice a few more eyelashes on your pillow in the morning. Perhaps you have been concerned your lash treatments are causing your lashes to fall out. Fear not. Allow us to explain…

Summer weather doesn’t only increase your happiness, it also raises your temperature. A little-known fact is that a change of temperature or increase/decrease of sunshine causes your body to shed hair faster than normal.  This includes eyelashes. Typically, this increase in lash shed happens twice a year. Often around spring and autumn.

Top tips to combat summer lash shed

Firstly, it’s important to know that on average we lose 2-5 lashes a day. This is completely normal. But if you have a sudden change in temperature, such as jetting off on an exotic holiday or a British heat wave is suddenly upon us, you might notice more lash loss than usual.

You may need to visit your lash artist more often in summer and book infill dates slightly earlier than usual to maintain your beautiful lash look. LVL devotees may notice their lifted lashes grow faster and subsequently fall out as part of the natural lash cycle.

If you’re worried about how to manage the lash shed and minimising its effect, you can opt for SVS or Flat Lashes. Using more delicate lashes will still give the fullness you want, as Nouveau Lashes’ technicians will be able to use the newly developed catagen (transition) lashes as well as the fully-grown ones, without causing any damage to them.

For super-healthy and strong lashes, we recommend using our specially designed lash care products. As a minimum, use the Lash and Brow Conditioning SerumLash and Lid Foaming Cleanser and Mascara Wands.


Don’t panic, summer lash shed will only last for one or two lash cycles. Your lashes will be back to normal before you know it! Want more information about the lash life cycle? Read our in-depth piece explaining how and why we lose lashes daily here.


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