Hybrid lashes treatment

Hybrid Lash Extensions Treatment


What are Hybrid Lashes?


A Hybrid lash treatment is a combination of two techniques: Volume (SVS or Russian) and Individual lash extensions (Extend). Taking the best bits from both treatments, Hybrid Lashes will give you volume and length, resulting in a wispy, textured lash extension look that last for up to 8 weeks.

While the volume fans create the fullness, classic lash extensions are used to add length and break up the uniform, linear silhouette that a more classic Russian Volume application creates. Driven by celebrities such as the Kardashians, this popular lash treatment is perfect for anyone who wants bespoke lashes with the definition of a classic Extend treatment but with added depth and volume.

To book a Hybrid treatment, make sure you visit a Nouveau Lashes Global Volume Artist. 

How long does a Hybrid lash treatment take?

Hybrid Lashes can take from 90 minutes to create by a Nouveau Lashes artist that has qualified in Extend and either Russian Volume or SVS.

How long do Hybrid Lashes last?

With immediate results, Hybrid lash extensions can last up to 8 weeks but with regular infills, every 2-3 weeks, they can last longer.

How much does a Hybrid treatment cost?

This long-lasting treatment is, on average, £60 per treatment.

How do Hybrid Lash Extensions work?

Hybrid lashes combines the classic 1-on-1 technique used for Extend lashes with an advanced fanning technique that is used to create Russian Volume or SVS lashes. Fans are created by bonding together 2-8 lash extensions that are applied on to one natural eyelash. This technique will create depth and volume but can be customised depending on how full you want your lashes to be. An individual eyelash extension is then applied onto one natural eyelash amongst the volume fans to create a wispy lash look that is bespoke to your natural lashes. This treatment allows your Nouveau Lashes artist to get creative and achieve whatever lash look you desire. Hybrid lash extensions are perfect for disguising sparse areas or gaps in your natural lashes. To offer this treatment, lash artists must be trained in both Extend and Russian Volume or SVS.

What to expect during a Hybrid Treatment

Hybrid Lashes



What's the difference between Hybrid vs classic lashes?

Classic lashes are individual eyelash extensions that are applied 1-on-1 to your natural lashes, whereas Hybrid lashes are a combination of volume fans and individual lash extensions. Classic lashes are a natural-looking enhancement for your lashes, whereas Hybrid lash extensions will create a spikey, textured lash look.  

Do Hybrid Lash Extensions damage your natural lashes?

Having Hybrid lash extensions with a certified artist will not damage your natural lashes as our artists have been expertly trained to put your lash health first. Taking into consideration the length, thickness and condition of your natural lashes, your artist will create a bespoke set of beautiful extensions whilst maintaining healthy natural eyelashes. Our products have been designed to put your lash health first and qualified Nouveau Lashes artists will always follow Weight-for-Weight lash Guidelines to ensure that your extensions won’t weigh down your natural lashes. We also recommend following our 3-Step aftercare routine to look after your Hybrid lashes.

Can you still wear make-up with Hybrid lashes?

You can still wear make-up with Hybrid lashes, but do not wear mascara, because this will cause the fans to close and ruin your lash extensions. Foundations and powders can be used as normal, but avoid using oil products around the eye area, including make-up remover. Oils will cause the bonds in the adhesive to break down which can cause your lash extensions to become loose or fall out. For a safe and easy-to-use eye make-up remover, we recommend using our Prebiotic Eye Make-Up Remover Gel as the formula glides over the bonds without disturbing your lash extensions. It’s also packed with ingredients to promote healthy lashes.

Can you get Hybrid lashes wet?

In the first 24 hours after your treatment, do not get your Hybrid lash extensions wet. We also advise you avoid using saunas and steam rooms until 48 hours after your treatment to maintain the best results. This is because the adhesive can take up to 48 hours to fully set, and contact with heat, water or steam can impact the glue bonding your natural lash and extension together, which may result in your lash extensions falling out. Don’t worry, after this time period it’s completely safe to shower, swim and use saunas. However, remember to carefully brush your lashes afterwards using a clean mascara wand so they stay fluffy and full.

How to look after Hybrid Lashes

3 Step Lash Care system

To keep your lashes looking their best, it’s important you follow the correct aftercare. We recommend using our Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser regularly to thoroughly clean them and help retention. For healthy lashes in between treatments, follow our simple 3-Step Lash Care System to Cleanse, Condition and Enhance your lashes.

Head to our aftercare hub for more information on how to look after your Hybrid lashes.

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