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Nouveau Lashes conversion course

Conversion & Skill Boost Course Information

Build on your skills to create beautifully lifted lashes or lash extensions. Our conversion & skill boost courses are designed for lash technicians who have already trained elsewhere, who want to become a Nouveau Lashes Artist. We offer a conversion course in our original and best LVL Lash Lift and a skill boost course in both of our lash extension techniques: Extend individual lash extensions and Global Volume lashes. A previous lash lifting certificate allows for our LVL Conversion Course, a previous individual lash extension certificate allows for our Extend Skill Boost Course and a previous volume lash extension certificate allows for our Global Volume Skill Boost Course.

Training will consist of a pre-study module and half-day hosted webinar, so you can start your learning journey in the comfort of your own home.

Conversion Training Overview

Learn how to achieve amazing results every time that keep your clients coming back. You’ll be taught our exclusive techniques that put your client’s lash health first, as well as intricate product knowledge and detail that will complement your artistry. Learn how to use the entire Nouveau Lashes professional product range and maximise your business potential via retail products that will further enhance your clients’ results. We’ll provide everything you need, including training manuals that are needed for reference throughout the course. Not only will you master a superior skillset, you’ll become part of a revolutionary brand once you’ve qualified. We invented the original, best LVL Lash Lift and no one knows more about lashes than us.

The course price includes the cost of training. You do have the option to add a kit but they’re not mandatory to complete the training.

Conversion course detail

Not only do our Conversion and Skill Boost courses teach you how to get amazing, consistent results with your treatments, you’ll also learn our key business techniques and consultation skills, eye and eyelash anatomy and how to maximise your earnings with our retail range.

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Why Train with us?

Discover the benefits of training with a consumer-recognised brand and winner of Best Supplier of Specific Training at the Guild Awards of Excellence so you can advance your skills with confidence. You’ll join a professional community of lash artists, where you’ll receive lifetime support from our expert trainers, with a dedicated Customer Specialist. From day one, you’ll be able to promote yourself via our Salon Finder, gain access to our full product range and be the first to know about new products and exclusive offers.

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