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A masterclass designed to teach you all of the creative tricks of the trade. With this masterclass under your belt, you’ll be more than an eyelash technician – you’ll be an ultimate lash artist.

Two Day Course / From Only £399+VAT


Master multi-lash pick-up and place techniques for volume lashes as well as creating fans of up to 8 lashes for application onto a single lash. You’ll also learn how to use colour to maximum effect. Everything you learn will also include maintaining the Nouveau Lashes weight for weight principals for healthy lashes

Course includes: 2 Days in Class Training

Treatment Time

From 90 Minutes

Treatment Lasts

6-8 Weeks

Average Treatment Price


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Key Techniques Taught On The Course

The lash curls, colours and thicknesses used in advanced lash styling and volume work.

The skill of creating and applying fans from 2-8 lashes, using multi-lash pick-up and place techniques.

Open-eye techniques for lower lash application.

Specialist equipment and tools for advanced lash styling and volume results.

The principles of colour theory and how to apply them to lash selection and application.

Styling and volume tricks for creating individual looks.

Techniques for superb Russian volume lash retention.

Multi-lash methods for advanced lash maintenance and in-fills.

The particular aftercare and lash cleansing methods recommended for clients with volume lashes.

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