To Fan Or Not To Fan

To Fan Or Not To Fan

There’s been much discussion about the hand making volume fans versus purchasing pre-made volume fans. If you’re not yet trained in lash extensions, we get how confusing the terminology can be. So, this is a handy helpful guide for volume lash seekers, who want to understand the jargon as well as the trained lash technicians who are thinking about adding another string to their bow.

Follow us while we explore which type of volume fan, pre-made or handmade, creates the best set of lashes. Let us arm you with the knowledge you need to decide for yourself.

What is a volume Fan?

If you’re wondering what a volume fan is, we can explain… An individual lash extension is one false eyelash extension, applied to an isolated natural lash with adhesive. A volume fan is simply several lash extensions joined together at the base, applied the same way as individual one on one lash extensions. The fans can be created by hand using one of many techniques.

Best Practice

We at Nouveau Lashes teach our volume students, including Masters & SVS, how to create volume fans by hand. When our students first begin training to qualify as a master lash artist, many have commented how daunting hand making lash fans can be while perfecting this new skill. Once practised, like many skills, it becomes second nature and lash techs often become faster as their skill and confidence grows.  We’ve followed this lash debate closely and conducted extensive research into the pros and cons of the pre-made fan. Our findings support our belief that pre-made don’t compare to the handmade fan which achieves a professional finish and longer lasting set of volume lashes. Here at Nouveau Lashes we are strong supporters of handmade fans. Whether they are created via SVS or Master (Russian) Volume, you are guaranteed to be left with a truly stunning voluptuous set of lashes.

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Are you a trained volume lash extension technician? 

Have you ever considered purchasing pre-made volume fans? Take a look at our findings of this debate:

What are the advantages of handmaking fans?

  • Volume fan lashes is an advanced skill to master, which is a fantastic achievement to add to your plethora of accomplishments. Volume lashes come with a price tag, clients are happy to pay for this price is due to the quality of lash results due to your skills.
  • Handmade fans wrap around natural lashes. This is how no damage occurs, as their greater weight than one individual lash extension is evenly distributes around the natural lash. Alternatively, some pre-made fans are bonded at the base with a small amount of adhesive to keep the lashes together, making lashing easier for individuals who aren’t used to using multiple lashes on one natural lash. But this can cause damage as the weight of the clustered lash is directly on top of the natural lash, instead of wrapping around.
  • The beauty of producing your own volume fans result in a unique lash look due to the organic application. During a consultation prior to the treatment, the lash extension style can be discussed, depending on the desired look.
  • Cost effective option, handmaking fans is a much cheaper alternative than pre-made fans. As a set of full volume lashes uses lots of fans.

Are there any drawbacks of handmaking fans?

  • Mastering fanning can be time consuming. Commitment to learn the skill is essential. Once mastered, the benefits of learning this skill will allow you to quickly reap the rewards from clients who are literally crying out for this specialised technique.
  • Volume lash treatments can take around 2-3 hours.  We understand this can seem like a long time at the beginning of training. Although if you love what you do, like all our lash technicians, the results will be worth the time.  SVS technique was created to achieve volume results faster! A natural set can be achieved in around one hour depending on how much volume is required – Fantastic alternative using the same handmade fan skill.
  • Learning a new skill can often be daunting. Here at Nouveau Lashes, we believe in lifelong learning! We empower people to kick start their lash career, no matter what your current or previous career was.  A lot of pride comes with learning a new skill and building your own lash empire is well worth the training!

In summary, Nouveau Lashes believe the art of creating volume fans by hand is not only a fantastic accomplishment by a lash technician but also far better than purchasing pre-made fans if you are a master lash artist.

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