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Cut down on treatment timings and appeal to a far broader range of clients! For SVS we have developed innovative techniques and products, all focused on decreasing application timings. With experience, an SVS natural volume result can be achieved from 45 minutes

One Day Course / From Only £399+VAT


By applying multiple lash extensions onto each natural lash, you can create seriously impressive volume in a surprisingly short time. SVS results look gorgeously full, giving depth and volume without coming across as strongly stylised or heavy. In fact, the unique, graduated extensions are so natural-looking, clients can soon forget they are wearing lash extensions at all!

Course includes: Choose from Gold, Silver or Bronze Kit / 1 Day In-Class Training / Printed Manual / Case Study Assessment (if required) / Online Skills Boosters

Treatment Time

From 45 Minutes

Treatment Lasts

6-8 Weeks

Average Treatment Price


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Key Techniques Taught On The Course

Business set-up and legal requirements

Pre-procedure preparation

Consultation skills

Product information and usage guidance

Eye and eyelash anatomy

Contra-actions and contraindications

Health and safety procedures

Procedural steps, including best practice techniques, hints and tips and maximising your business potential via retail products

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