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What Is The Best Mascara For Sensitive Eyes?

What Is The Best Mascara For Sensitive Eyes?

Are you in search for the best mascara for sensitive eyes? Well, look no further… Our Enhance Mascara has got your lashes covered. Literally!

Do you suffer with allergies, wear contact lenses or just have sensitive eyes? We know how difficult it is to find a mascara that doesn’t aggravate your eyes leaving them red and itchy. It can be a tough decision; considering whether or not to use mascara to achieve the look you desire and hope for calm eyes but if the worst happens, and your they become irritated, is it really worth the agony and panda eyes? Worry not! We have the perfect hypoallergenic mascara for sensitive eyes, so you no longer have to compromise your look due to discomfort.

Which lashes can the Enhance Mascara be used on?

Although this product was exclusively developed for use on individual eyelash extensions, it can be effectively used on the most sensitive, natural eyelashes. The product can also be used on LVL Lashes. The specially crafted hypoallergenic formulation is nourishing, and contains a blend of Argan, Safflower and Sweet Almond oil which aid natural lash growth, as well as promoting healthy strong lashes. The double sided brush has been specially designed to allow the user to create natural or dramatic looks, on the top or bottom lashes. We do not recommend applying the Enhance Mascara on to SVS or Volume style lash extensions, as this can close the fans.

What causes sensitive eyes?

Many factors can cause sensitive eyes, such as allergens like dust, pollen or hair from pets etc. Regular contact lens uses, spending time in dry air-conditioned rooms such as offices or staring at a computer screen all day (we’re all guilty!) could all be contributing factors too.  Sensitivities can arise at any point through your life, even if you haven’t suffered from them before. We want to help you avoid red eyes in the future by using our retail range containing many products which have been formulated to help soothe your eyes from now on.

What is a hypoallergenic mascara?

A hypoallergenic formula includes ingredients which cause fewer allergic reactions, ensuring they are safe for sensitive eyes.

Easy to remove

Due to the amazing qualities of our must-have Enhance Mascara, it simply removes with warm water – no make-up remover, cotton wool pads or wipes required! This ensures no rubbing takes place when removing the product. Our best advice for individuals with sensitive eyes is to remove mascara with care and caution. This general rule will help all eyes, if you minimise tugging and rubbing on the delicate eye area this will also aid anti-ageing.

Top Tips:

  • Replace our Enhance Mascara every six months once opened, then crack open a fresh one. This is a general mascara rule, not only with ours, to ensure the product works to its prime and hygiene is at its best to care for those delicate eyes.
  • Stay clear of fibre mascaras, despite the fact they might give you long, thick lashes, the fibres may drop into your eyes throughout the day and exacerbate the irritation.

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