Virginia Burton… Starting My Lash Career

Virginia Burton… Starting My Lash Career

At Nouveau Lashes, we provide careers not just training courses – with lash advice and support every step of the way so our technicians provide their best possible lashes for every client. We believe when you choose Nouveau Lashes as your lash provider, you are guaranteed a lifetime of customer care whenever you may need extra help, to build your business into a lash empire.

Virginia Burton is one of many lash technicians who believe Nouveau Lashes have provided great customer service, throughout their personal lash training development. Currently qualified in LVL, trained in Extend and soon to complete our SVS training course, from her Ultimate training package.

We were delighted to catch up with Virginia recently to see how she’s getting on…

Why did you choose Nouveau Lashes?

Nouveau Lashes is held in high esteem amongst professional therapists and their clients, being the most sought-after lash treatments and products by professionals and clients. Nouveau Lashes have excellent products; I wanted the best, which undoubtedly has to be Nouveau Lashes.

How has your experience with Nouveau Lashes been so far?

I can’t speak highly enough of the Nouveau Lashes team. I am not afraid to admit I really struggled at first, partly as I needed new glasses – now rectified! I was ready to give up, but due to the care, support and positive encouragement from their team, I am now making progress and getting better with practice. I have been blown away by the Nouveau Lashes team who have encouraged me every step of the way, and their support is unfaltering. I do not think I would be doing lashes now if hadn’t chosen Nouveau Lashes.

In your words, please explain how we have helped your lash career?

The Nouveau Lashes team have constantly kept in touch with me, with regular phone calls to check how I am getting on, always interested in my progress and ready to offer suggestions to help me progress. The support you get really is second to none. The Facebook Forum, for Nouveau Lashes trained technicians, is a great source of encouragement and a useful learning tool; the responses by Nouveau Lashes aid the learning process.

Do you think Nouveau Lashes provide more than just a lash course, with our life long support? 

Absolutely. If it was just a course, I would be sat at home struggling now. Everyone is so willing to offer ongoing advice and encouragement and I know I can ring any time and there will always be someone at the end of the phone to answer any queries I have. The staff have proved to be genuinely interested in my individual progress and they’re not tired of my countless questions!

Would you recommend Nouveau Lashes as a lash career provider?

Definitely. I really can’t praise the Nouveau Lashes Team enough, the training and aftercare support is first class; I couldn’t have asked for more.

Has your journey with us been as you expected?

I expected the training to be very good as this was what I was advised by fellow therapists; but I certainly didn’t expect the unfaltering support I have had, which has far exceeded my expectations.

Is there anything else we can do to help you further?

I really don’t think you can do any more than you have done to encourage my lashes career! I know if I need anything, I can ring or ask on the forum and any concerns will be addressed in a timely way.

Any further comments?

I am completely honest when I say I couldn’t have chosen a better company than Nouveau Lashes to train with. I am impressed with the products, and without the outstanding support – as I understand that products alone don’t build a successful career, it takes skill and confidence too. The Nouveau Lashes team treats everyone individually, offers heaps of encouragement for building your business. They’re always friendly and professional and are a real credit to the industry. I am so glad I chose Nouveau Lashes and I’m proud to be associated with brand leader. I am indebted to the whole team.

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