Which Strip Lashes Are Best For You & How To Apply Them

Which Strip Lashes Are Best For You & How To Apply Them

Strip lashes are a fun way to get creative with different looks and still feel like yourself, especially if you haven’t got a lash appointment booked in. Maybe you’re looking to change up your beauty routine now you’ve got some free time? Whatever the reason, false lashes are designed with you in mind, so that you’re ready for anything.

Our premium quality, light weight false eyelashes add maximum length and volume to natural lashes instantly. Plus, they’re easy to apply and reusable, meaning you can create your favourite eye looks again and again! The entire strip lash range is officially accredited with the Vegan Society and 100% cruelty-free.

Which Eyelash Style Is Right For My Eye Shape?

There’s a strip lash for every eye shape, but which style is right for you? We’ve got you covered and along with the fabulous @blushbypeplow, created a handy guide:


To make the most of a larger, rounded eye shape, choose a lash that lifts in the centre, to draw attention to the space through the centre of your eye. Volume Style 3 works great for this look. To create a winged effect, sweep pencil liner across the lash line and blend outwards and use a winged set of lashes such as Volume Style 4.


Almond eyes look great in a winged lash. Volume Style 1 follows the natural shape of the eye beautifully, making the most of the cat eyed sultry look. For something bolder, try adding Glamour Style 2 to a smokey winged eye.


To flatter a hooded eye, choose a fine lash with wispy tips to ensure the lash doesn’t weigh down on the eye. Choose a lash with a subtle lift as opposed to a tight curl, to ensure there is plenty of space between the lash and the mobile lid (which decreases the chances of the lash and lid sticking). Volume Style 1 works great for this eye shape.


Similar to hooded eyes, a smaller eye suits a lighter, wispy lash to keep the eye as open as possible. Choose a lash that lifts in the centre, to make the eye appear larger and attract attention to the iris. Style 2, both Natural and Volume, look great on smaller eyes.

How To Apply False Eyelashes

1. Check the fit of the strip lash. If it’s too long, trim the outer edge.

2. Ensure that you measure the strip lash against your eyelid before trimming. The last thing you want to do is cut off too much! Your false lashes should begin where your natural lashes start. Avoid the inner corner, because this will irritate your eyes.

3. Always cut your lashes at the vein, don’t cut through the lashes themselves. Remember that you can save any excess parts that you trim. You could add them into the corners of your eyes for extra glamour!

4. Carefully apply a small amount of adhesive along vein of the strip lash.

5. Allow 30 seconds to become ‘tacky’. This will really help when applying false eyelashes – if the glue is still wet, your strip lash will slide everywhere.

6. Place the false lash in the centre of your upper eyelid, as close as possible to your natural lashes (this will ensure that the strip lashes look seamless).

7. Apply rest of the false eyelash, working outwards to the corner of your eye.

How To Put On False Lashes For Beginners

If the idea of applying fake eyelashes is little bit daunting, don’t worry. Use these tips and our step-by-step guide (above) to keep a steady hand. You’ll be a false lash pro in no time!

  • Hold your false lashes in their box facing outwards against your nose. This will help distinguish the left and right lashes (if it isn’t marked already). Always remove the lashes from the outer corners. You’re more likely to trim this part, so it doesn’t matter if they get slightly bent.
  • To avoid false lashes flicking outwards at the corners, wrap the lashes around a make-up brush, your finger or any cylindrical object. This will help keep the curve of the lash intact.
  • When applying false eyelashes, use tweezers or fingers and look down into a mirror rather than straight ahead. You’ll be able to see exactly where you need to place the strip and the tweezers will help with precision. It’s also a good tip to avoid poking yourself in the eye!
  • Don’t forget to use a make-up remover to clean off any make-up from the strip lashes every time you wear them.

In order to keep your false lashes looking fresh, try our Prebiotic Eye Make-up Remover Gel. The advanced oil-free formula helps prevent irritation and will help remove any make-up or debris from the strip lash after every use.

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