Lash Questions That You Forget To Ask

Lash Questions That You Forget To Ask

Lash obsessed or considering a lash treatment, we know there are some lash questions that clients simply forget to ask, fear not, we have the answers right here.

Can I still wear contact lenses after my lash treatment?

Before a lash treatment we ask for contact lenses to be removed, this is to allow the use of a saline rinse quickly and comfortably, should any solution meet your eye area. Remember to either take your glasses to your treatment or a container of solution (so you can reinsert your contact lenses after your treatment)

Post-treatment, avoid touching or wetting the lashes as per your technician’s advice, from then onwards, you can wear your contact lenses as normal.

I’m worried eyelash extensions would touch my glasses

If you wear glasses daily, rest assured that our lash treatments can work for you if you rock glasses chic. Before every Nouveau Lashes treatment, you will receive a consultation. Let your technician know about your glasses and they will tailor your lashes to ensure they look fabulous without interfering with your glasses. Once your bespoke lash treatment has finished, you can carry on styling those glasses everyday with an added touch of luscious lash glam.

Can I wear my usual eye make-up with an LVL or eyelash extensions?

Unsure if you can use products such as eyeliner or eye shadow once you’ve had a lash treatment? If you have had an LVL Lash Lift, you can apply eye make-up like you usually would 48 hours after the treatment. Win win – killer lashes with the freedom to express yourself. What more could you want?

If you’ve ever had Nouveau Lashes Extend, SVS or Volume, you will have been told the golden rule: lash extension bonds + oil-based products = big no-no / total meltdown. Same goes for glitter and waterproof formulas. Although, we know you will want to maintain your look and style, so worry not, just follow this advice:

  • Stay clear from products containing oil, waterproof, glitter and waxy formulas.
  • When applying any products along the lash line be extra gentle and careful, lash extensions can become tangled or twisted when manipulated.
  • When removing eye make-up, only use oil-free cleansers. We recommend our Gentle Eye Make-up Remover. Keep your lashes fresh and impurity free with our eyelash extension cleaning guidelines now.
  • Don’t use cotton wool pads near lash extensions, as the fibres can become lodged and become a discomfort to the delicate eye area.

Need more aftercare advice for any of our lash treatments? Take a look at our helpful guide.

Feeling well informed and excited for beautiful looking lashes? Browse our Salon Finder to choose your nearest Nouveau Lashes technician.