Which Lash Extensions Create A Fluffy Textured Look?

Which Lash Extensions Create A Fluffy Textured Look?

If you take your lashes as seriously as we do, then you will have almost certainly heard about the latest ‘fluffy’ lash trend. Knowing this look and achieving it, can be two very different things and there could be many reasons as to why these full luscious lashes have been eluding you!

Have you ever had lash extensions which weren’t as full as you’d like?

We want to help you understand why this may have happened and avoid any disappointment in the future. The individual lash extensions could have been too long. Often clients can be mistaken by requesting long lashes when really, they would like full lashes. We advise our technicians during training to choose between length or fullness, as having both can be unhealthy for natural lashes. So, the longer the lashes are, the fullness may be compromised. In some cases, the lash tech may not have added a lash extension to each isolated natural lash, this would also impact the overall textured, fluffy appearance.

Here is where Nouveau Lashes newest treatment can step in to ensure your eyelash extension dreams are reached… SVS, will achieve full, fluffy, textured lashes. Be a part of this year’s frontrunner beauty trend with the fluffiest lashes of all, Nouveau Lashes exclusively created SVS speed, volume & style treatment.

What is SVS?

We created this innovative style by combining all of our favourite elements of classic Extend, Express & Volume, from customer feedback. Your wish is our command! SVS handmade fans, created by our extremely talented trained techs, are made from three different length lashes, this achieves the fluffy texture then it’s up to you  to decide how much volume. Whether you desire natural or full volume lashes, with added depth. These incredible lashes can be applied in as little as 60 minutes depending on the look you desire. A great alternative to Russian Volume Lashes, which can take up to 3 hours of your precious time to create, if you want fuller lashes.

The SVS lash style can disguise sparse areas due to natural hair loss caused by many reasons. For example; chemotherapy, aging and alopecia to name just a few. The added fluffy multi length texture of SVS ensures the natural lash life cycle shedding is less noticeable, to avoid large gaps in the set of lashes once the client has lost some telogen lashes.

SVS eyelash extensions last up to 6-8 weeks, with infills only every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking their best. We recommend brushing the lashes daily and using our Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser twice a week to remove the build-up of bacteria and impurities.

Need more convincing why SVS could be for you? Take a look over our 6 simple reasons why to get SVS lashes, to find out more information.

Next-Level Lashes will be 2018’s beauty trend frontrunner

Pinterest predicts ‘Next-Level Lashes’, will top their list of global beauty trends this year.  They assure, “eyebrows will continue to be big in 2018 but ‘lashes’ will be the frontrunner“, as lashes report a 152% increase in saved searches. This statistic doesn’t surprise us! If you’re lucky enough to already be involved in the ever expanding lash industry, this will be music to your ears. The term ‘Next-Level’ doesn’t suggest untreated natural lashes, so head over to our Salon Finder to locate your nearest SVS trained technician to book yourself a fabulously full, fluffy, textured lash extensions now.

Don’t want eyelash extensions?

If you are like Glamour’s Leanne Bayley, who doesn’t want to get extensions. We have the perfect treatment for natural lashes, LVL! Find out more about the natural enhancing treatment now.

Currently trained in Extend?

If classic 1 on 1 Extend don’t give your clients enough lash depth, texture or depth, then SVS could be the perfect next step of lash progression to train in now. Take a look at our SVS training course now.

Where to get SVS?

Locate your nearest NL technician on our Salon Finder now.