Be A Bare-Faced Marathon Beauty

Be A Bare-Faced Marathon Beauty

Marathon season is underway. Whether you are attending The London Marathon this Sunday, training for an epic triathlon or still deciding which athletic event to sign up to this year, we have the best beauty essential for any endurance high, super sweaty, sporty activity.


We know beauty might not be at the top of your pre-marathon check list but you can go make-up free and still look bright eyed and energised on your post run photos, ready to celebrate with friends or family if you have LVL, our lash lifting treatment.

LVL will be the answer to your prayers by lifting your natural eyelashes from the root. Even if you are absolutely shattered, your eyes will look incredible. The treatment is very low maintenance, allowing you to feel ultra-confident and ready to take on the world without make-up. Bonus! Discover your nearest Nouveau Lashes trained technician on our Salon Finder now.

If you have ever trained without removing your mascara first, you will know first-hand why completing a sporting event make-up free is the only way to forward. Ensuring you won’t need to ask a loved one if your eye make-up has smudged. If you aren’t lucky enough to feel super confident naturally bare faced, we get it! LVL will enhance what mother nature gifted you with and perfectly ensure you won’t be left with panda eyes. Win win!


Have the treatment at least 48 hours before the big athletic event, to ensure your lashes don’t encounter water, moisture, heat or steam which could affect the lift.  Use Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum to keep lashes looking healthy, strong and nourished post LVL treatment and be sure to check our Aftercare Advice.

Yet to believe LVL will work as well as we are suggesting during a high intensive sweating-hell-fire activity? Take a look at our interview with ‘Twice the Health‘ to discover from extremely fit dynamic duo why an eyelash treatment is perfect prior to marathon.

Fancy eyelash extension instead of LVL?

If you love to look super glam everyday – go for SVS; Speed, Volume & Style or if you prefer length but still have a natural looking finish we suggest Extend. Our lash extensions can still be worn when competing, as long as the adhesive has completely cured for 48 hrs prior to exposing to moisture.