A Day in the Life of: Twice the Health

A Day in the Life of: Twice the Health

A Day in the Life Of: Hannah and Emily of Twice the Health

Their Twice the Health Instagram is bursting with delicious recipes, fit for two, of course, with some seeeeeerious #foodgoals, breath-taking views (the Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert and numerous white beaches across the coast of Australia, to name a few) and something that until now was almost impossible, SMILING during a marathon run!

Fitness bloggers or magicians? Well, the two female powerhouses behind Twice the Health describe themselves as two fitness chicks living in London using their love of exercise to excuse their love of food – Girls after our own hearts!

Naturally, the girls share a lot of the same interests, however their differences lie when it comes to lashes. Hannah is an avid eyelash extension wearer, whereas Emily prefers the more natural appearance of LVL. Read below to discover how each lash treatments battle each element: wind, snow, sun and sweat!

Could you describe a normal day in the life of Twice The Health?

E: Every day is a new day! We tend to get up at 5:30am to either train or teach. I work freelance, so I either work from home in Fulham, or sometimes I work at Fresh Fitness Food in Acton with H. Then we reconvene in the evening again to either teach, train or attend an event. We try to be in bed for 10pm.

What is your daily beauty regime?

E: Umm.. Non-existent! Water to wash, coconut oil to get rid of traces of make-up, and a good moisturiser to sooth!

H: Pretty minimal! Due to the nature of my job, and regular sweaty activity I tend to keep things pretty simple. If I am wearing any make up, I like to use the Elemis face wash. It’s very gentle and doesn’t dry my skin out in the same way many others have. I follow this with a Simple face moisturiser and if I’m feeling fancy a layer of Mac ‘BB Cream’, and a dash of bronzer. Of course I’m never without my lash extensions so in terms of eye make-up I tend to remain pretty bare!

Beauty product you can’t live without?

E: Hate to sound like a cliché fitness blogger but coconut oil! Make up remover, eczema soother, cracked lip treatment…all in a little pot!

H: Lash extensions. An absolute must, especially with endless early morning workouts and little time to make oneself presentable!

More time to get ready or 10 minutes extra in bed?

E: 10 mins in bed! Sleep is very important!

H: Neither, extra time for breakfast!

How would you describe your lashes after your treatment?

E: Amazing! I have such straight lashes so you normally can’t really see them, even if I was wearing mascara. The lift has transformed my lashes and made my eyes look bigger and brighter.

H: Full, fluffy and natural looking!

What is your favourite or most surprising thing about the treatment?

E: No pain or stinging at all…In fact I slept for most of my appointment…oops!

H: They completely open up the face, leaving you feel fresh faced no matter how little sleep or how hard the session!

Who would you recommend LVL / Extend to?

E: Anyone really! Personally, I don’t like to wear make-up, so it was more of a convenience. Now I don’t have to worry about sweating off mascara any more.


Would you describe yourself as low maintenance or high maintenance?

E: Low maintenance! Although I do enjoy getting dressed up on the odd occasion.

H: Low maintenance (but perhaps I’ll let my boyfriend answer that one)

What would you say is your best feature?

E: My legs. They might not be the longest or skinniest legs, but hell they are strong and have carried me many miles all over the earth.

H: My bottom!

How did you turn your passion into a career?

E: By mistake if I am truly honest. I had applied for a different course at university, but sadly my maths A-Level did not go to plan and I went thought the ‘clearing’ process. Turned out I found a course I was much more passionate in- Sports Biomedicine and Nutrition. Having said that, eating well and being active has been instilled on me from a young age so I guess it’s no surprise it became my career.

H: You hit the nail on the head… passion! Pursue it because you love it, because you believe in it and because you believe in yourself. Anyone can achieve success in an industry they love, as long as they show passion. It’s stronger than knowledge and it’s more admirable than any qualification.

What advice do you have for anyone trying to up their fitness game?

E: Grab a buddy! So much easier to achieve your goals with a buddy by your side.

H: Find something you LOVE. There’s no point working towards a health goal if it becomes a chore, and in all honestly the likely of you sticking with it is pretty low. There are so many classes, and clubs out there now offering a whole host of ways to up your fitness game. From Bikram to belly dancing, find something that both challenges and excites you then run with it. We most certainly did!

Life motto?

E: If it doesn’t make you happy…change it!

H: Burpees are better buddy’d up 😉

Finally, lash extensions or LVL?

E: LVL! I have had lash extensions in the past but I am not as well-disciplined as H and I tend to pull them! LVL has given me a perfect natural alternative.

H: Lash extensions.

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