LVL CeraLashLift: a breakthrough in natural lashes


Introducing the LVL CeraLashLift System

Back in 2006, we changed the lash game with the introduction of LVL, the original lash lift. We’re levelling up the lash game once again with our latest lash breakthrough. Get ready for the next generation of lashes with the new LVL CeraLashLift System, available exclusively for LVL artists. It’s everything you know and love about our signature lash lift, but even better.

So, how did we make it better? Here’s just a snapshot of some of the new benefits.

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With the help of 77 lash artists across 8 different countries, we spent over 225 hours testing on over 550 eyes to ensure we created a range of new formulas that are even better than our original (and the original took some beating).



The key ingredient in our new system is a vegan-friendly ceramide, CeramideBio; a synthetic version of naturally occurring ceramides and is a purer, more sustainable alternative.

Ceramides are fatty acids that naturally occur in hair as part of the cell membrane complex, which is like a glue that holds the cuticle and cortex cells together. A lack of ceramides means hair has difficulty holding onto its protein and moisture. Treating the hair with ceramides helps it to hold on to the protein and moisture it already has, keeping it strong, healthy and shiny.

Our innovative CeramideBio works to:

  • Repair and protect hair fibre
  • Smooth hair cuticle and improve shine
  • Strengthen and restore damaged skin
  • Visibly soothe skin redness



Think the LVL CeraLashLift System is the same as any old lash lift? Think again. Our in-house team have been hard at work developing, trialling and testing brand new formulas to ensure we were delivering the very best and most innovative lash lifting system for our artists.


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LVL CeraLashLift patch testing 

As well as new products and even better results, we’ve also got a new, streamlined patch testing process. You now only need to patch test for LVL CeraLashLift and CeraLashFix (plus tint), making it easier for your clients.

We are advising that you re-patch test clients, even on your existing clients. Trust us, it’s worth it for the results you’ll get!


Why have you developed a new formula?

Our existing LVL formula is renowned as the gold standard of lash lifting, so even though we know that formula is great, we wanted to push ourselves to see if we could top it.

Our extensive research and innovation have allowed us to innovate with a unique set of formulations that deliver excellent results whilst actively caring for lashes and helping to re-build the cuticles in the same treatment.

This unique system is based on the science of naturally occurring ceramides on the lashes and understanding the role of pH in treatment, which together help to make the process safer and more kind to lashes, with a strong focus on replenishment.

What are the benefits of ceramides for lashes?

Ceramides are naturally found in the cuticle, the outmost layer of the hair shaft. They are responsible for keeping the hair shaft intact, smooth and healthy.

During a lash lift, the natural ceramide levels found on the lashes are depleted and/or altered by the oxidation process, and if not properly replenished could lead to long term damage and over-processing.

The CeramideBio found in our new LVL treatment is designed to help replenish these depleted ceramides straight away, helping to minimise long-term undesirable effects as well as helping to keep lashes healthy.

Is the old LVL formula still available?

Yes, existing LVL artists can still purchase the original formulation if you wish to do so. We would recommend giving the new formula a try to see the difference for yourself.

Has the LVL patch testing policy changed?

Yes, we’ve simplified our patch testing process, meaning you now only need to patch test for CeraLashLift, CeraLashFix and CeraLashTint. Due to the change in formula, we are advising that LVL clients are re-patch tested. Read our full patch testing policy for further information.

Why have you changed the LVL blister packs?

The blister packs are synonymous with the LVL products, but we have made the decision to change our packaging for a number of reasons.

Moving away from blister packs is a more sustainable option. Blisters contain a lot of plastic, and our sachets are made of more sustainable material. We’re also able to produce them in the UK, lowering our carbon footprint.

To help reduce waste in salon, the single use treatment steps are now in 100% recyclable sachets.

Additionally, we’ve found that sachets are the best format for keeping formulations in the best condition over time. After rigorous testing for our new formulas, the results showed improvements in product reaction and condition when stored in sachets.

The CeraLashLift (Lifting Balm) is sensitive to air, and there is less air in sachets to react with the product. We know that the Bonding Gel can thicken quicker in single doses, leading to the product drying out. To help with this, the CeraLashBond (Bonding Gel) is now in 10ml tubes to give better flexibility of use and performance.

How have you managed to reduce treatment processing times?

In the new system, we have combined two steps into one, which reduces your treatment processing times for less waiting around. The fix and tint steps are now combined in one step; simply mix your CeraLashFix with the CeraLashTint to fix the curl and tint the lashes in one go.

As well as speeding things up for you, it also makes the treatment less stressful on hair. Reducing the number of times the hair cuticles are opened and closed minimises the risk of potential damage to the hair shaft and weakening of the cuticles.

How can I order the LVL CeraLashLift System?

CeraLashLift is available exclusively for LVL trained artists. If you’ve trained in LVL, you can order online via your pro account. If you’re not trained with us, you can train in LVL or complete our LVL Conversion course.

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