Mini Mascara Wands

Designed to fluff up lashes. Ideal for prolonging the results of SVS and Russian Volume treatments.


For volume lovers

Mini Mascara Wands are perfect for fans of our SVS and Russian Volume lash extension treatments. These miniature wands are ideal for fluffing and separating lashes, for maximum volume and impact long after your treatment has finished. They are also great for keeping brows tidy, applying make-up to lashes or brows and combing through strip lashes after cleansing. Attach Mini Mascara Wands onto the Lash & Brow Tool as part of your lash aftercare routine.

Lash aftercare


Attach onto our Pro Lash Tool or Lash & Brow Tool.

Fluff and separate

For use with LVL, SVS, Russian Volume, Express and Extend treatments, particularly for SVS and Russian Volume to fluff and separate lash extensions to prolong treatment results.


  • Dispose of after each use

Suitable uses

  • LVL, Extend, Express, SVS and Russian Volume lashes, plus natural lashes and brows


Plastic with synthetic fibres.

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