Mini Brushes

Ideal for multiple lash and brow techniques.

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Brush lashes like a pro

Mini Brushes can assist with multiple lash and brow techniques. Designed to attach onto the Lash & Brow tool, Mini Brushes can be used to brush lashes and brows, apply products precisely as well as remove any excess make-up application.

For single use only.

Disposable and hygienic


Attach onto the ends of either our Pro Lash Tool or Lash & Brow Tool.


Use Mini Brushes to apply the correct amount of product onto the lash area.

Remove excess

Mini Brushes can be used to remove excess traces of product during the treatment processes, ideal for accuracy and precision around the delicate eye area.


  • Dispose of after each use

Suitable uses

  • Multiple uses, such as removing excess make-up

Made from plastic.

delivery options

Express Con HD & NL

We offer Express Delivery (up to 48 hours) for £7.00.

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