LVL Smart Shields Medium

The latest Nouveau Lashes shield innovation. Ergonomically designed with a new softer, flexible and naturally adhering material to help make LVL treatments easier and create better results.

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To purchase this product you must be a trained professional and have an NL Professionals account.

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Brand new shields for better results

With nine new features to help you lift lashes the smart way, our LVL Smart Shields have been designed with intelligent lash lifts in mind. From an enhanced client experience to saving time with treatments, LVL Smart Shields help make lash lifting easier and create even better results. We’ve created more shield sizes to help you widen your client base, maximise your commercial opportunity and make Lower LVL easier. Choose from: XS, S, M, M/L and L.

Our medium size is suitable for clients who have lashes of a medium length and thickness, as well as clients with heavy upper eyelids and deep-set eyes. Medium LVL Smart Shields are also suitable for coarse, straight or downward-pointing lashes. Ideal for clients planning on wearing strip lashes or lash extensions.

Registered design 2022

M application no: 6203747

9 new ways to lift lashes smarter

  • Barrels feature channels which assist in separating the client's lashes as they're placed onto the shield. The channels help to position the lashes in a straight line: this aids application, helps to speed up the process and prevent criss-crossing of lashes on the shield
  • The channels / grooves stop ¾ of the way across the barrel making it easier to remove lashes from the shield, seeing as the lashes aren't fully sat in the grooves
  • New softer material features a naturally adhering quality that grips effortlessly to the eyelid. Less Bonding Gel may be required, which helps to reduce product wastage
  • Softer, flexible, and more ergonomic material moulds comfortably to the eyelid, which in turn can help to stop clients' eyes watering
  • Two additional shield sizes (XS and ML) to help widen your client base and maximise commercial opportunity
  • A 3D tab on each shield helps separate the pair when first removed from the packaging. It also helps to position the shield onto the client's eyelid and remove the shield once the treatment is complete
  • Guidelines on the underside of the shield help to trim the shields to size
  • Centre line to help assist with placement, by lining up with the client's pupil for enhanced precision
  • Instagrammable logo that attributes your work to a consumer-recognised treatment

Intelligent lash lifting results

Lash extension wearers

This size is a great option for clients planning on wearing strip lashes or lash extensions.

Bonding lashes

If needed, use LVL Bonding Gel to adhere the shield to the eyelid. The inherent tackiness of LVL Smart Shields means less Bonding Gel may be required. Once the shield is in place, adhere the lashes to the shield.

Enhanced comfort

New ultra-soft, silicone material that moulds comfortably to the eyelid.


  • Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight

Suitable techniques

  • Suitable for LVL treatments
  • Suitable for clients with natural lashes of a medium length and thickness
  • Suitable for clients with heavy upper eyelids and deep-set eyes
  • Suitable for short, coarse, straight, or downward-pointing lashes
  • Suitable for clients planning on wearing lash extensions
  • Suitable for clients seeking a softer lift than a small shield provides, and a more dramatic look than a medium/large shield provides

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