Pro X Rapid Adhesive

Our fastest drying adhesive ever. Perfect lash results in less than one second.


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To purchase this product you must be a trained professional and have an NL Professionals account.


To purchase this product you must be a trained professional and have an NL Professionals account.

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Our fastest ever adhesive

We’ve broken our records with Pro X Rapid, our fastest drying adhesive ever. With a drying time of only 0.5 seconds, this is a must-have adhesive for fast-working master lash artists. Formulated with a thin viscosity for rapid lash action, achieve perfect lash results in under one second.

Developed with clean, cosmetic grade ingredients, our Pro X range of adhesives are oil resistant, water-resistant and heat resistant once cured.

We aim to commit that all products will have 3 months total unopened shelf life remaining at the point of purchase.

Flexible agent

All adhesives in our Pro X range contain a flexible agent to form even stronger bonds which are better able to absorb any stresses on the lashes during wear.  

For fast-working master lash artists

Extreme drying time

With a drying time of 0.5 seconds, our Pro X Rapid Adhesive is ideal for fast-working master lash artists.

Optimum results

This adhesive works best at 20-24°C and 40-70% humidity. Shake well before use and refresh frequently throughout treatments.

For closed eye techniques

This adhesive is for closed eye techniques only. Avoid direct contact with eyes.


  • Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight
  • Keep the bottle tightly closed and in an upright position
  • Clean the nozzle of any excess before re-sealing
  • Use within 3 months of opening
  • We recommend renewing your adhesive every 6-8 weeks

Suitable techniques

  • Suitable for closed eye techniques only
  • Suitable for all semi-permanent lash techniques
  • Suitable for fast-working master lash artists



Cyanoacrylates are a group of fast-acting adhesives which react immediately in the presence of water to form an extremely strong bond on the surface of anything that it touches once set

Vegan friendly

Does not contain any animal products or by-products, and has not been tested on animals


Latex is a known allergen and repeated use can increase some people's sensitivity to it, which is why we avoid using it in our products

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