Lash Mirror

Designed to identify inaccuracies during the lash application process.

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To purchase this product you must be a trained professional and have an NL Professionals account.


To purchase this product you must be a trained professional and have an NL Professionals account.

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Ultimate results

This purpose-designed Lash Mirror has been developed with ultimate results in mind. With a wide-angled head, it gives you widescreen proportions, so you can check on your progress throughout your lash treatments. You’ll also reduce the need to get too close to your client during the service, making your treatments even more COVID secure. Whether it’s checking for gaps or checking on lash alignment and direction, you can see all aspects of your lash treatment process easily and conveniently, without having to move from behind your client’s head. A simple, yet highly effective tool for all lash artists that will save you time and improve the quality of your treatments.

This tool includes a single mirror and is crafted from stainless steel.

Great for before and afters

We always promote beautiful photography of your work, but we love seeing snapshots on your social media too. Our Lash Mirror is the perfect tool to capture your work from all angles.




Use the lash mirror to identify any incorrect angles or missing spots without having to move from your standard working position.

Time saving

The Lash Mirror is a great time saving device as it removes the need to move around your client to check the look of their lashes from the underside.

Wide pane

Use the wide pane to identify areas that need further work without moving from your working position.


  • Store in a protective case to avoid damaging the mirror or bending the product

Suitable techniques

  • Suitable for identifying incorrect angles and missing spots during the lash application process


Stainless Steel

Hygienic metal alloy that is highly durable and resistant to rust and corrosion

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