KN95 Respirator Face Mask

Disposable KN95 Face Masks, equivalent to European FFP2 filtration standard.
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To purchase this product you must be a trained professional and have an NL Professionals account.


To purchase this product you must be a trained professional and have an NL Professionals account.

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Protect yourself and those around you

Comfortable and easy to wear, the fluid resistant, disposable KN95 Mask is equivalent to European FFP2 filtration standard. Providing protection to you and those around you, it filters the wearer’s breath on both inhale and exhale. Stylists or clients who have underlying health issues may choose this for the added protection it offers, however this is a personal choice.

Where we save, you save.

We know the demand for PPE has seen prices fluctuate. That’s why, as part of Nouveau HD Beauty Group, we promise that if we can get them at a better price, we’ll make sure you get a better price too.

Conforms to the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations (EU) 2016/425.


When should I change my mask?

Although every client should always wear a fresh mask, please note that you do not need to dispose of your own mask after every client. They are suitable for session use and therefore, they should be changed:

  • If you touch it with your hands (bare or gloved) after or during a treatment
  • If you leave the premises
  • If damaged
  • If soiled ((for example, if you wipe products used on your client during their treatment)
  • If damp (for example, if there is a build-up of condensation)
  • If it becomes uncomfortable

Comfortable PPE that’s easy to wear

Step 1

Wash your hands thoroughly.

Step 2

Loop elastic around back of ears and cover both nose and mouth.

Step 3

Gently shape the nose band using the forefingers of each hand to fit and secure in place.

Step 4

Conduct a ‘fit’ test.

Safe disposal

Always remove mask slowly after use, using only the elastic ear loops, and dispose of safely.


Please be aware that these instructions are subject to a fit test and seal check. This is to see if air escapes around the edges of the mask. Always do this after washing your hands.


  • Do not bend


Suitable treatments

  • All lash lift and extensions treatments


3 ply non-woven fabric construction featuring middle melt-blown fabric 

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