Fine Point Tweezers

Professional grade tweezers with an ultra-fine tip.


Professional grade tweezers

Our best-selling Fine Point Tweezers are essential for removing unwanted brow hairs. With an ultra-fine tip designed for precision and accuracy, these lightweight tweezers have a precise grip for immaculate brow shaping.

120mm in length, our Fine Point Tweezers are supplied with a 100% synthetic complementary pouch that provides protection as well as storage, preventing damage.

Precision and accuracy


The fine tip has been designed for precision and accuracy, making these professional tweezers ideal for separating natural lashes.


Our Fine Point Tweezers are also ideal for picking up lash extensions, for precision during the lash application process.


  • Keep in the supplied pouch between uses to prevent damage
  • 100% synthetic pouch



Suitable techniques

  • Suitable for shaping brows and removing unwanted brow hair


Stainless Steel

Hygienic metal alloy that is highly durable and resistant to rust and corrosion

delivery options

Express Con HD & NL

We offer Express Delivery (up to 48 hours) for £7.00.

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