Are Semi-Permanent Lashes Right for Me?

When you invest in a pair of beautiful lashes, you want them to be the perfect choice for you. On this page you can find out more about what semi-permanent lashes are, how long they last and how to take care of them.

What are semi-permanent eyelashes?

Semi-permanent eyelashes come in a range of different treatments to help you choose a style that suits you. This includes individual eyelash extensions, Russian Volume, SVS, Express and many more. They are synthetic eyelashes (either single lashes or fans) that are applied to each natural lash, making them look longer and fuller. They generally last for weeks (rather than just for an occasion) and grow out with your natural lashes, unless you decide to continue treatment with regular infills.

How long do semi-permanent eyelashes last?

Semi-permanent lash extensions can last for up to 8 weeks, but please check with your Lash Artist. For Extend, SVS or Russian Volume lashes, we recommend booking your infills around 2-3 weeks after the initial appointment to help them last longer.

Why choose Nouveau Lashes for Semi-permanent eyelashes?

We train our artists to master each technique before we allow them to give professional treatments. This means your lashes are always in good hands.

Our Nouveau Lashes artists use exclusive techniques like our Weight-for-Weight lash guidance to ensure the lash extensions won’t weigh down your natural lashes, minimising the risk of damage. And our lash technicians have been trained by the best using lashes developed by us that are soft and lightweight, so your lash health comes first. That’s why it’s important you go to a certified artist and look after your lashes by following the correct aftercare routine.

How to clean semi-permanent eyelashes

After you have avoided water for the first 24 hours and steam or heat for 48 hours, it’s important to keep your semi-permanent lashes clean by washing them regularly. This stops any dirt or debris settling between the lashes and keeps your whole eye area clean.

Follow these 3 steps to keep your lashes perfectly cleansed, hydrated and moisturised:

  1. Remove all your eye make-up. Use an oil-free formula to avoid it affecting the adhesive. We recommend Nouveau Lashes Prebiotic Eye Make-Up Remover Gel
  2. Clean your eyes with an oil-free lash cleanser. We recommend using Nouveau Lashes Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser (vegan-accredited) 2-3 times a week
  3. Run a clean mascara wand through the lashes to brush and fan them out to help them retain the perfect curlOnce you leave the salon with your perfect set of lashes, tailored just the way you wanted, it’s over to you. For a simple aftercare routine for ultimate eyes, every day, shop our 3 Step Lash Care System or take a look at our Aftercare guides.

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How to remove semi-permanent eyelashes

Most individual lash extensions will last up to 8 weeks before they grow out naturally, especially when topped up with infills after 2-3 weeks. But if you want to remove them earlier, you can with our specially developed Lash Extensions Remover that you can use safely and effectively at home. It’s suitable for all our lash extension treatments: Extend, Express, Russian Volume and SVS. You can read our comprehensive guide here.

And remember, don’t pick your lashes. Yes, it’s tempting to pull them out by hand, but it’s important that you don’t! Pulling at each lash will prematurely remove the natural lash with it, which is especially detrimental if the lash is still in the ‘anagen’ phase. It could take up to 8 weeks for your regrowth, and repeated pulling could damage the hair follicle, adversely affecting future growth (Wondering what that is? Read our helpful guide to your natural lash cycle). 

Find out more about maintaining your semi-permanent lashes with our Aftercare hub.