How to Look After Your Eyelash Extensions

A set of Extend lashes applied by one of our Nouveau Lashes artists will last 2-3 weeks before you will need to return for your infill treatment. If you chose SVS or Russian Volume, dependant on your preferred fullness, these could last longer. To help you ensure they last as long as they should, here are our top tips to help you maintain a full set of healthy lashes.

Is it normal to have bloodshot eyes after eyelash extensions?

Red, bloodshot eyes are common and temporary after lash extension treatments. This irritation is caused by fumes which are generated as the adhesive begins to set. These fumes can react with moisture as soon as you open your eyes, which can lead to watery, red eyes at the end of lash extensions.

A quick spray of our versatile Replenishing Lash & Eye Mist helps to minimise potential irritation caused by residual adhesive fumes and can reduce eyes stinging at the end of eyelash extension treatments. Plus, our multitasking mist is packed with powerful prebiotics that boost the growth of good bacteria, which helps to soothe and alleviate itchy, red and irritated eyes.

If you have an allergic reaction to your extensions, please contact your lash artist and/or seek medical attention.

bloodshot eyes after eyelash extensions

Can I use mascara on my eyelash extensions?

You can use mascara on individual eyelash extensions. However, we recommend using water-based mascara, and avoid waterproof or oil-based eye make-up and removers so you don’t disturb the adhesive bond your eyelashes are applied with. Our Prebiotic Eye Make-up Remover and Enhance Mascara are specially formatted for lash extensions.

Can I get my lash extensions wet?

Your lash artist will advise you not to get your lashes wet at all in the first 24 hours after your treatment. It would be best if you also avoid saunas, steam rooms and sunbeds until 48 hours after, and use oil-free make-up remover. After 48 hours, you can shower as usual but try not to stand directly under the shower head with your face up as the pressure can damage the extensions. Also, try not to rub your eyes with the towel afterwards. Instead, pat your face dry and be careful not to pull around your eye area. You can however use our super-fine, lightweight Replenishing Lash & Eye Mist which is a great option for applying a conditioning treatment to your lash extensions for the first few days after your lash extension treatment and beyond. 

What skincare products can I use with lash extensions?

A large number of skincare products (eye make-up removers, cleansers, moisturisers) are oil-based and can damage your lash extensions. The oily formula can loosen the bonds holding your semi-permanent lashes on, meaning you will need that infill appointment a lot sooner than normal. Our 3-Step Lash Care System includes gentle, oil-free products that have been designed as an aftercare routine for lash extensions wearers. Our Prebiotic Eye Makeup Remover and Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser are the perfect duo for cleansing, whilst our Replenishing Lash & Eye Mist delivers advanced  hydration to the lashes without impacting the bonds. Packed with powerful prebiotics, this versatile mist helps to restore a healthy skin microbiome, the skin’s natural protective barrier, revitalising lash extensions and the delicate eye area. 

How can I protect my lash extensions at night?

While it is difficult to ensure you don’t disturb your lash extension in bed, there are a couple of things you can do to minimise damage. Position pillows around your head to reduce the chance of crushing one side and damaging the lashes. Also, avoid sleeping on your front altogether.

How often do I need to get lash infills?

It is important to get lash infills every 2-3 weeks. Each treatment requires a different time period between each infill, so be sure to check this with your technician before you leave the salon. If possible, book your infills there and then so you don’t forget. Attending regular maintenance sessions will preserve the condition of your natural lashes, as well as retaining the volume you desire. If you decide to remove them, our carefully formulated Lash Extension Remover effectively and comfortably takes off the lash extensions while conditioning your natural lashes and reducing any risk of damage.

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