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Which lash treatment


Pinterest reported that saved searches for ‘lashes’ rocketed 152%, predicting eyelash treatments to be the beauty treatment for 2018. Such is the power of the lash that more than a third of women (34%) who’ve had an eyelash treatment are hooked and are planning their next fix. And a third of women (33%) who’ve never had an eyelash treatment are considering booking in for their first treatment in the next 12 months.*

Deborah Law, Nouveau Lashes’ international lash trainer, believes the love affair with lashes is down to the way they make us feel. She says: “I meet people at all stages of their life who may have booked a treatment for a special occasion, who want to restore lost lashes, or want to achieve a certain style. There’s not a day that goes by when I’m not delighted by the visible impact eyelash treatments have on a person’s confidence.”

To help you choose your lash look, use our guide below…

LVL Lashes

This exclusive Nouveau Lashes treatment is all about lengthening and lifting your natural eyelashes.  

“A lot of women like their own lashes when they have mascara on, but it’s not always practical,” says Deborah. “For instance, if we’re sat at a computer all day we tend to rub our eyes more often, which can ruin our make-up, and irritate our eyes.”  

LVL begins with a lash lifting treatment to create definition and length. This is then followed by a lash tint, which darkens your natural lashes to make them appear thicker. But rather than the traditional curl that is often used to perm lashes, LVL straightens lashes from the root.  

Deborah says: “This is a great low maintenance treatment to create beautiful everyday lashes. It’s the perfect treatment for anyone who doesn’t have time for a full make-up regime.”  

The results last for up to eight weeks, although it’s recommended that lashes are re-tinted after four weeks to keep the colour at its best. Use a conditioning treatment to keep hairs smooth and fluffy.

Express Lashes

When you’ve got a busy schedule but mascara just won’t cut it for your romantic getaway or the party of the season, Nouveau Lashes has you covered.  

“Our Express treatment is a great way to quickly pep up those eyes,” says Deborah.  

It includes all types of short-term lashes, including strip lashes, individual extensions or lash fillers, which are cluster lashes that help to make your natural set appear fuller.  

You can choose the lashes to suit your needs, whether you want them for two weeks or a single day.  

“What’s so great about this service is how speedy it is and suits any budget, so you can treat yourself to a salon service without breaking the bank,” Deborah adds.  

“Express is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to having a full set of extensions, which require daily care and maintenance for an extended period.”

Extend Lashes

Whether you’re aiming for voluminous femme fatale eyelashes or prefer a more natural look, lash extensions can be fitted to suit you.  

Nouveau Lashes’ Extend Lashes are applied to each individual natural eyelash using an exclusive ‘weight-for-weight’ lash application ratio. This means your natural set won’t be weighed down, helping to keep your lashes healthy.  

“Extend lashes are so versatile and look stunning, which is what makes them so popular,” says Deborah.  

Your lash technician will select the appropriate weight, curl and lengths of the lashes to achieve the style you want.  

“These lashes are perfect for those who have short or fine lashes and want to give them a boost.  

“But equally, they’re very popular for those who want that wow factor. A lot of brides tend to go for this treatment because it lasts for the wedding, the honeymoon and the extensions are still there once they’ve returned,” Deborah adds.  

For anyone looking to make the most out of their lashes Deborah recommends having them in-filled every two to three weeks. 

SVS Lashes

Lash extensions have traditionally only been available to the time-rich because application can take more than two hours.  

Nouveau Lashes’ Speed, Volume and Style Lashes treatment – or SVS Lashes for short – has revolutionised the application of lash extensions, taking from 45 minutes for a natural look or an hour plus for a fuller eyelash effect.  

“We’re able to reduce the amount of time the treatment takes due to the refined technique which is unique to Nouveau Lashes,” Deborah explains.  

“The effect is achieved by applying several lashes on to every natural lash. But we never overburden your natural lashes, being careful to use our weight-for-weight application technique, so your natural lashes stay healthy.”  

The SVS treatment gives the appearance of fluffy voluminous lashes. 

Book in for a Nouveau Lashes treatment today. You can easily find your perfect Nouveau Lashes artist near you with Salon Finder.

*Survey commissioned by Nouveau Lashes of 1,000 UK women. October 2018.


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