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What to do in a sticky situation

What to do in a sticky situation

Whether you’re newly qualified or an experienced lash artist, hot weather can affect your lash craft.  So we’re here with a quick refresher on how you can create perfect lashes during hot weather. And what you can do to prevent a meltdown situation.


Be adhesive aware

Humidity changes the viscosity and curing speed of your lash adhesives. Although it may seem like a good idea, keeping opened adhesives in the fridge during a heatwave is a definite no-no. Instead, here’s what to do:

  • Get your hygrometer out and take a reading.  Choose your adhesive according to the humidity in your treatment room
  • Before your first treatment of the day, give your adhesive bottle a vigorous shake for two full minutes. Then shake it again for 10 seconds just before each treatment.
  • On high-humidity days, try to get more adhesive on each extension by increasing your dipping speed. That should help slow down the curing time. When humidity is low, do the opposite.
  • Also hold your lashes in place a bit longer than you normally would and that should prevent any sticky situations.

To learn more about getting the best out of your adhesive, follow our top tips!

Protect the power of your LVL lift

LVL Lash Lifting System does not need specific room temperatures or humidity for it to work perfectly every time but hot sun can have a negative impact on LVL Lifting Balm.

This means that you may need to reconsider where you store them during hot summer months.

Always be mindful of the temperature where you keep them.  This is especially important if you’re a mobile lash artist and keep your kit in your car in between clients.

The good news?  During very hot weather, you can keep your sealed LVL packs safely tucked away in the fridge.

No fridge nearby? Buy a big bag of rice, bury your treatment pearls inside and stash it out of sight in the coolest, darkest place possible in your treatment room.

Finally… stay cool, but not at the expense of your client

Having lashes applied should be a calming, enjoyable experience for all clients. So it’s important to make them as comfortable as possible.

If necessary, use a fan or open a window to manage your clients’ comfort.  But remember to keep an eye on your room temperature and humidity if you’re using adhesive.

If you’re lucky enough to have air con, keep a lightweight cotton cover on hand to offer clients in case they start to feel chilly. If they come in wearing shorts and a vest, their body temperature will soon drop when they’re lying still.

And remember, cooling fans can stir up pollen in the air. A problem for hayfever sufferers. The last thing you want is a client who is desperate to rub their eyes!


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