Top Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Lash Technician

Top Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Lash Technician

The dilemma: Where do you start looking for a lash technician and how do you possibly choose who to book? Well you don’t need to worry, follow our helpful tips to choosing your ideal lash artist.

Are they on our Salon Finder?

Start your search with a browse on our Salon Finder. Our online database of Nouveau Lashes qualified lash technicians, this can form your shortlist of potential technicians that are all qualified to our highest standards.

Use the power of social media

It’s official. We are all social media obsessed (guilty as charged). A recent survey by Dove, 30% of women admitted that their purchasing decisions are influenced by social media. The same applies when deciding which lash technician to visit, so browse through your chosen lash technician’s social media and website, to check that they provide the lash treatment and the results that you want.

Check for the treatment name

Let your technician know which Nouveau Lashes treatment you want. If you are not sure, tell them what result you are hoping for and they can advise the perfect treatment.

Check for the Nouveau Lashes name

Whilst discussing your lash treatment, look to see if they have Nouveau Lashes branding in the salon and our products on display. Feel free to ask them if they use Nouveau Lashes products to make sure that you will be receiving excellent quality products.

Check for a qualification and ask questions!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the lash technicians training, qualification or experience. Nouveau Lashes technicians are taught best practice for every element of the treatment, including hygiene, thorough consultations, treatment skills and techniques, lash health and aftercare to name a few! You can book your lash treatment with a Nouveau Lashes technician with confidence.

Have you received pre-treatment advice?

Once you have booked your lash treatment, you should receive pre-treatment advice from your chosen lash technician. Then you can perfectly prep your natural lashes prior to your treatment to receive the best possible results. If anything is unclear, ask them to explain.

Is the lash technician competitively priced?

Remember, cheap lashes aren’t good and good lashes aren’t cheap. Nouveau Lashes technicians are highly skilled, so we recommend that you err on the side of caution if considering the cheapest priced lashes. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is and your lashes won’t thank you for it.

Our lash technicians want the same result as you, beautiful lashes you adore, so if you are considering a lash treatment then use our guide above and get ready to love your lashes!