SVS Lashes vs. Russian Volume | What’s the Difference?

SVS Lashes vs. Russian Volume | What’s the Difference?

Recently we introduced a brand-new treatment to our ever-expanding repertoire of exciting new lash techniques – SVS! Whilst we receive endless praise and positive reviews about the efficiency of the application and beautiful, textured appearance of our new speed, volume and style technique, which one should you choose – SVS or Russian Volume?

Unlike typical eyelash extensions, where the lashes are applied using a ‘one-to-one’ method, SVS and Russian Volume both involve the application of multiple lashes to each individual natural lash, creating a fuller, more dramatic look. Below we have listed the differences between SVS or Russian Volume to ensure you choose the most suitable treatment to suit you and your style.

SVS Lashes

Our latest lash technique has been specifically developed to combine the best aspects of each of our existing treatments; Extend, Express and Russian Volume, in half the time. The application method requires your technician to create ‘fans’ from each lash, to create a fuller appearance.

Each fan is made up of 3 different length lashes which when applied creates a fluffy, textured look, as opposed to the uniform lengths of a Russian Volume lash, which creates a more dramatic, dense look. Each ‘fan’ is made to the requirement of the client, which is up to 4D. This makes it perfect for those who want a full, glamorous set of lashes in a lot less time.

It also gives you more control over the volume, as the fanning technique allows the technician to customise each set exactly how you want it.

We sent some lucky Lash Gang members to review the exciting new treatment. Check out what Albertine and Jasmine from Soeurs de Luxe thought on our blog.

SVS Lashes by Dollface Lashes Ltd

SVS lashes by DollFace Lashes Ltd

Russian Volume

If your motto is ‘the bigger, the better’ then Russian Volume is for you! Similar to SVS, fans are created and applied to each lash, but instead of 3 lashes to each fan, this technique creates up to 8, resulting in exactly what it says on the tin- Volume!

And like all our lash extension treatments, each set is customised to your taste. Fullness, density and desired length will all be discussed with your technician beforehand, to ensure you get the exact look you have in mind.

Due to the meticulous application and number of lashes used during a set of Russian Volume lashes, the treatment time can range from 90-120 minutes. Significantly more than SVS, but so worth it!

SVS Lashes by Creative Touch

Volume lashes by Creative Touch

SVS or Russian Volume – What our experts say..

Katie Williams, Trainer- “SVS is a more natural, soft volume look and great if you are short on time and Russian Volume is your very dense, ‘strip lash’ look.”

Debbie Law, Trainer – “I say Russian is more your Kim Kardashian and SVS more your Kylie Jenner! A lot of people love the ‘perfect’ look you get with Volume, whereas SVS is still giving the client a fluffy volume look but it’s a lot more natural and variegated.”

Jess Lambert, Trainer – “It’s all about the uniformed finish with Volume- shorter in lengths but a lot denser. SVS mimics more of the natural lash growth offering a more undetectable finish, but still full of volume!”

Are you Team SVS or Team Russian Volume?

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