Small Ways To Support Your Lash Artist

Small Ways To Support Your Lash Artist

We’re all excited to visit our lash artists again, so with reports the government are going to release a strategy for the opening of ‘other businesses’ across England this week, we’re hopeful we might not have to wait too much longer for bold, beautiful lashes.

This is a difficult time for lash artists, who are working extremely hard to get everything hygienic, safe and ready for your return. It’s easy to forget this, so remember to be considerate and understanding. There’s lots of ways you can support your lash artist so that they feel positive and more prepared than ever to get back to business.

Find out how you can help your lash artist!


Retail therapy

One of the easiest, most supportive things you can do for your lash artist is purchase something from their retail range. Order online (if they have an online shop) or reach out to them on social media or over the phone to get products delivered to your door! They may have product bundles or promotional discounts running that you might not be aware of. Your lash artist will be unsure when treatments will resume, so buying something from their retail range is a lovely gesture and a little reminder that you’re thinking of them.

Patience is key

Wait to hear how your lash artist is planning to rebook you in; they’ll have a system for rebooking clients, so they’ll be in touch. Keep an eye out for any updates on their social media pages as well. Your lash artist will probably have a waiting list too, in order to prioritise clients and avoid a surge in bookings at the same time. Be respectful of whenever they have arranged your appointment; they’re doing the best they can to accommodate everyone. If your appointment is a little bit further away than you expected, appreciate that a lot of thought has gone into prioritising clients and rebooking everyone in. New lashes are in sight!

Respect they’re busy!

We know you’ll be keen to get in touch with your lash artist about multiple things. It’s natural to have questions… but try not to bombard them with messages on social media. Your lash artist will probably be inundated with questions, so be mindful that they are going through an incredibly busy time. We all miss our lashes! Have you received any newsletters, emails or updates from your lash artist? If so, make sure you read them – they’ll probably answer any questions you have.

Be understanding

Prepare yourself for an increase in your lash artist’s treatment prices. Your lash artist will have additional hygiene and safety measures in place, which will have affected the overall running of their business. This includes the additional cost of supplying PPE, which both you and your lash artist must wear during treatments. Also, your lash artist may have to schedule less appointments throughout the day because of the extra time needed to disinfect their working area and equipment (before and after treatments). With less appointments than usual, it’s understandable that prices may increase slightly, so remember to be supportive.

Put yourself in their shoes

Above all, the most supportive thing you can do for your lash artist is appreciate what a strange, difficult time this has been for them. It’s safe to say everyone was disheartened that salons couldn’t reopen but take a moment to think about how your lash artists feels, who have to wait even longer to get their business up and running again. It’s been a tough couple of months, but a new ‘normal’ is on the horizon!

The future of lashing looks different… but the bond between lash artists and clients will never change!

We wish all our lash artists the best of luck as they prepare to get back to lashing safely.