Reasons to Enter a Lash Competition

Reasons to Enter a Lash Competition

As one of the UK’s leading eyelash training brands, we are constantly encouraging our students, as well as our Trainers, to upskill themselves and push themselves to strive for the best. One way to do this is to compete in a lash competition.

There are multiple lash competition events held all over the world, and one of the most prestigious here in the UK is The Lash Games. Hosted by Olympia Beauty, this year’s competition will be held on the 1st and 2nd October, and there is still time to enter! We are proud sponsors of the 2017 games, and are offering a fantastic 10% off entry until the end of August using our discount code ‘Nouveau’.

Considering signing up? We’ve shared some great reasons to enter, below.

Shareen enters a Lash Competition

Compete at your Own Skill Level

From novices to lash masters, there’s a category for everyone to compete in and show off their skills. Any type of competition requiring a fine-tuned level of skill is bound to be daunting, especially if it’s your first one. Fortunately, most lash competitions are divided into categories. The Lash Games are split into: classic, 2D/3D volume, 2D-6D, 8D-14D mega volume, Fantasy- with a Bollywood theme! And a photography contest with a spring theme. The winner of the photography competition will get to see their work on the cover of the Lash Inc magazine next year, so even more reason to enter!

Each technique is then split into novice, lash professional, master and expert. Judging where your own strengths lie and read the criteria for entering each division- then click here to enter!

Challenge Yourself!

Take a step out of your comfort zone- you might surprise yourself! Once you’ve signed up to your specific category, it’s time to practice as much as possible to make sure you perform to the best of your ability on the day. Research common mistakes at competitions and how to avoid them, and see if there are any workshops or forums sharing tips and tricks for the big day. Don’t doubt your skills, build on them! Push yourself, put in the work, and soon that trophy will be right at home on your mantelpiece.

Gain Confidence

The Lash Games is judged by industry experts that are renowned all over the world. As well as the possibility of being awarded a prize by one of these lash masters, which would be a huge confidence boost, some other vital knowledge you will leave the competition with is constructive criticism. Find out how you can further hone in and improve your techniques so that you can relay this to your client work, and come back to compete in 2018 bigger and better than ever before.

Fine Tune Your Skills

Be bold, be inspired and challenge yourself to be a better lash artist. See what the latest techniques, trends and looks are from your lash competitors, it’s one of the fastest ways to develop your technique, artistry and professionalism to the next level. Competitions are the perfect place to meet like-minded talented techs in the industry who you can share your skills with (after the judging has already taken place, of course!)

Boost your Business

Compete for the chance to take home the title of best lash technician, reinforcing your skills to new and existing clients alike. By bringing home a prestigious certificate or award to show off on your social media pages, website and in your salon, it’s the perfect way to catch the attention of new clients. I mean, who wouldn’t want a gorgeous set of lashes applied by an award-winning lash artist?!

Ready to show off your skills in a lash competition? Visit The Lash Games site to sign up. See you there!