How to really grow your natural lashes

How to really grow your natural lashes

We all want healthy, beautiful, long lashes so we want to give you some useful tips and bust a few myths to really help grow your lashes.  Before we divulge our advice, it’s helpful to understand your natural lash cycle and the phases they go through as each varies for every individual:

  • Anagen – the active growth phase (4 – 6 weeks)
  • Catagen – the transition phase (2 – 3 weeks)
  • Telogen – the resting phase (up to 14 weeks)



There are plenty of hints and tips to keep lashes healthy and help prevent premature lash loss, but we’ve selected a few of the best:

  • Maintain a healthy diet: Getting all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs will help keep your lash follicles in healthy condition to help promote growth
  • Remove your make-up: Mascara can harden and dry out the lashes which can result in premature lash loss and brittle lashes that may break
  • Stress-less: Stress related illnesses can cause hair loss, so it’s important to look after your mental health
  • Don’t pull out your lashes: It may seem obvious, but some lash extension wearers admit to pulling out their extensions which can cause serious damage. If you pull them out at the beginning of the last cycle you could be waiting a while for them to grow back
  • Avoid rubbing the eye area: Causing friction with the lashes can cause them to fall out
  • Avoid eyelash curlers: the pressure of squeezing the lashes can put traction on the hairs and results in lash loss. If you want that lift, maybe try an LVL Lash Lift instead
  • Use a serum: Give your lashes more nourishment and vitamins. You can learn more about the different types of serums on our blog



There are many theories and DIY lash growth tips out there, so what could help improve your lashes?

Lash serum vs Castor Oil:
It’s been reported that ricinoleic acid found in some caster oils might help reverse hair loss. However, Caster oil can come in many different forms so it’s important you do your research and understand if it’s pure or combined with other ingredients.

Can Vaseline help lashes grow?
Vaseline won’t make your lashes grow but there could be some benefits to helping with feel or look.

What does coconut oil do for your lashes?
It’s been suggested that coconut oil has moisturising and protective properties to keep your eyelashes healthy.  You’ll need to be careful with application and none of these products have specifically been made or developed for lashes, so we’d recommend a serum to really nourish the hairs and eye area.



Our Triple Enhance Lash Serum is specially formulated with a Triple-Peptide Complex and other active ingredients to help enhance the length, strength and volume of your natural lashes. Apply twice a day at the root of the lash.


As well as using some of our advice such as a healthy diet, removing make-up before bed and avoiding lash curlers, you can also aid repair by conditioning your lashes with our Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum. 

Another useful tip is to smother the eye areas before bedtime with our Rejuvenating Eye Cream & Mask and wash in the morning. If you do this twice a week it will provide intense nourishment to help repair damaged lashes.


Please note: Before & After imagery is not part of the Independent Consumer Trial and this trial was undertaken by separate users applying the product twice daily for 12 weeks.

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