Our Multi-Purpose Beauty Products

Our Multi-Purpose Beauty Products

If you’re searching for one-stop wonder miracle beauty products which could save you time, money and space in your bathroom cupboard, then feast your eyes on our lash aftercare range. We know what it’s like to have products you hardly use, can’t see the instant benefits or don’t like the consistency of, so it’s time to freshen up for summer and only involve the must-have products in your cabinet. Let us explain how our multi-purpose beauty products aren’t only amazing to maintain lash health but they also offer fab other benefits too…

If you’re already loving our Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum, no surprise there – who wouldn’t? But did you know it has multi-purposes? Although, this product should already be applied daily to nourish your natural lashes and brows. It can also be used as a clever lash primer before applying eye make-up and mascara. It will help to lock in essential moisture and protect your lashes. Although, if you use our Enhance Mascara, it is full of dreamy ingredients which your lashes wouldn’t need protecting from.

Next up, our Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser.  This is the perfect product to refresh your eyelashes, natural or extensions, removing dirt and impurities gently. But did you know this magical product can also clean your make-up brushes? Hooray for this discovery! It will perfectly remove traces of make-up and built up bacteria. Double whammy of product goodness, we know. To clean your make-up brushes: one brush at a time, rinse under warm water, pump one pump of the foaming cleanser into the palm of your hand and carefully not manipulating the brush hairs too much, rub the brush into the cleanser. Rinse with warm water and repeat until all the make-up is removed and towel dry the brush before leaving to air dry. This must-have product also works wonders when it comes to removing strip lash adhesive. Use it with the Lash & Lid Cleansing Brush on the closed eyelid once the strip lash has been removed, and gently work the brush by circling the product on the area then rinse with warm water. Hey presto! Leaving the eyes all clean and fresh, without any traces of adhesive caught in any lashes.

Nouveau Lashes Mini Tweezers are perfect for applying our Strip Lashes, easily like professionals. They can also be used to tame those unwanted pesky hairs from the brows and the body, by plucking.

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