Our Guide To Getting Your Perfect Lashes

Our Guide To Getting Your Perfect Lashes

Have you ever wanted a certain lash look, but not known what to ask your lash technician for? If you are looking for perfect lashes… Lash consultations are an important stage of any lash treatment, this is when your lash technician analyses your lashes, and is your golden opportunity to ask for the look you would like. You wouldn’t ever go to the hairdressers for a colour/cut without having a discussion about what you would like, before the treatment taking place. Same goes for lashes.

Did you know?

Your lashes are as unique as you, your lash technician can assess the right look and style for you, to ensure your natural lash health is maintained and you are happy with the finished result. Nouveau Lashes are passionate about keeping natural lashes healthy while having lash extensions, so we work by a ‘Weight for Weight’ system, exclusive to Nouveau Lashes. This ensures maximum lash impact with minimum affect to the natural lashes. It’s a win-win for lovers of glamorous, volume lashes.

For example, if you want long lashes but not too much volume, your lash technician would add one extension per lash, or fewer fanned extensions per lash, depending on your lash type. If you want full, thick lashes your lash technician would add fanned multiple lashes to each lash, using shorter lengths to add volume without too much length. If you were to have extra length and extra volume all at the same time, your natural lashes would be weighed down causing the lash extension to droop in front of the eye (which is not the desired look!) and this extra weight could even contribute to quicker lash loss.

Lash looks

Unsure which look you want? Check out our Instagram to view the different lash extensions results, then once decided, you can ask your lash technician for this confidently. Using keywords like long or full could help your lash technician understand what lashes you would like too.

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