Nouveau Lashes: Unveiling Ultimate Eyelash Care

Nouveau Lashes: Unveiling Ultimate Eyelash Care

We’re on a mission to educate the masses that you really can have fabulous looking, healthy eyelashes.  And what better way to kick start our campaign than unveiling our complete survival guide to eyelash care and treatments with key media and influencers at an exclusive dinner at The Wren, with eye opening views across the city of London.

Co-Founders Bridgette Softley and Karen Betts opened the evening by informing guests that they were inspired to help clients who had experienced significant lash loss due to ill health. But soon realised that divine lashes are everyone’s right, throughout every stage of life. This was followed by insights and top tips from the Nouveau Lashes credible and engaging panel of expertsJustine Hextall, Dermatologist, Francesca Marchetti, Optometrist, and Trisha Buller, Trichologist. As well as extracts from the latest survey we have conducted on awareness of the importance of lash health.

Wondering why this is all so important?

With Pinterest searches peaking higher than ever (152% alone in 2018), it’s clear that women are now striving to achieve ‘next level lashes’ and that treatments and extensions are a growing business. However, with an estimated 8.48 million eyelash treatments being carried out in the UK every year, beyond the appearance of our lashes, how many of us actually think about the health and safety side of the popular beauty trend?

Alarmingly our survey results revealed that price is more important to women in the UK than their eye health when it comes to considering a lash treatment. Within the last year, 50% of women have had lash treatments to make them feel more confident and attractive, but alarmingly the same amount of women did not think to first ask how much experience their technician had before undergoing their first treatment with them. The lack of awareness around treatment aftercare was also highlighted to be an area of concern, with 30% reporting that they were not told by the salon or technician how to safely look after and remove their lash extensions, whilst 29% of women even pulled the lashes off themselves instead of opting for a safe removal method.

At Nouveau Lashes we take your eyelash health seriously.

Join us and our expert panel in spreading the message that you can Have It All with Nouveau Lashes