New Year New Career - Training With Nouveau Lashes

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New Year, New Career at Nouveau Lashes

New Year, New Career at Nouveau Lashes

It’s that time again, consider New Year New Career. There has never been a better time to train as a Nouveau Lashes technician.

With courses being held by our experts on a weekly basis in 8 academies across the UK, the training you need to pursue a career that tailors to your lifestyle isn’t out of reach. Whether you are already working in the beauty industry, planning a career change, looking for a new opportunity or simply learning a new skill; our range of courses are designed to finetune and nurture budding beauticians of all abilities into fully fledged professional lash technicians

Our courses start from £99, and can be completed in just one day.

This is ideal for those with families or a busy lifestyle, as we understand that making arrangements to undertake a lengthier course can be difficult. You will receive a full lash training kit with all the equipment you need to get started on your first client. We also offer continual aftercare, support and exclusive access to our extensive range of professional and retail products – designed to maximise your earning potential.

Become the ultimate Girl Boss today, and enjoy the freedom of working from home, choosing the hours to suit you on the days that cater to your lifestyle.

Perhaps you have young children and need to be at home to do the school run or would rather save on nursery bills? Maybe the 2 and a half extra hours per day you spent commuting could be better spent turning your passion into your day to day reality?

Amy Crook at Amy Louise Beauty, completed her training back in November, and set up her own business as a means of reducing her long hours as an operational firefighter.

“Being a qualified LVL technician means I can be at home with my two girls aged 3 & 6. It’s allowed me to fit around the school runs and the flexibility of the job means I can even offer evening appointments when they are in bed. Other clients ask to come when my youngest has a day off from pre-school so that they can bring their child and are entertained. It’s been a fantastic move for me- I’ve been very lucky.”

Transform your passion for beauty and make people feel good every day.

Take control of your career, working in an industry you love, so that it doesn’t feel like ‘work’ anymore. Clients will turn into friends, you’re able to spend the day with your family in the comfort of your own home and the only commuting you do will be mobile trips around your local area- on your terms.

Each treatment boasts a profit margin of between £20 and £70, so chances are you will be matching, or more than likely earning more than your previous job, according to how many hours you choose to work.

Over 12,000 people contact us on a monthly basis to find their nearest Nouveau Lashes technician, something Jenna Woodward, at Jenna Leigh Beauty & Make Up Artist is taking full advantage of.

“I have been trained for only 8 weeks and have already done over 50 LVL Lash treatments. Not only is it really popular, but it brings in a good income and you can easily fit it around your children! I do it from home and I also offer it in a salon one day a week. I would really recommend this is you are a mummy or a new mummy looking for a new career.”

Alongside LVL, we offer courses in ExtendExpressSVSVolume and Conversion in numerous locations across the UK. Book your place today.


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