Why You Should Never Do A DIY Lash Lift Kit At Home…

Why You Should Never Do A DIY Lash Lift Kit At Home…

As leading lash experts, we feel that it’s our duty to advise you in the best possible way on how to look after your lashes and avoid using anything that can potentially damage them. In our opinion (as well as the views of experts in the fields of Optometry, Trichology & our good friends over at HD Brows, there are dangers to trying salon treatments at home on yourself, including DIY brow lamination and DIY lash lift kits at home. This is largely due to the chemical nature of the products; there’s also in-depth training for professional lash artists regarding how long each step should be left on for and the correct amounts of product to apply.

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We cannot stress this enough: lash lift kits are extremely dangerous and should NOT be used at home. The chemicals in these kits (when used incorrectly) can potentially cause significant damage and permanent lash loss, as well as threaten your eyesight.

We asked three of our experts their views on DIY lash lift kits…


Is it safe to do your own lash lift?

The main ingredient in a lash lift is called Ammonium Thioglycolate. This chemical is used in hair perming, hair straightening and hair removal because it can change hair structure via the Disulphide bonds (found in the cortex of the hair). The alkaline pH can also cause the hair cuticle to swell and change the inner structure of the hair bonds.

Trisha Buller (our Consultant Optometrist) highlights the importance of letting a trained artist administer chemicals such as Ammonium Thioglycolate. “When applying this solution to lashes it’s imperative that extreme precision and care is taken. Hence, only qualified lash artists who understand the potential hazards should be carrying out this service.”

Trisha also points out that if certain steps are not carried out, this could lead to significant damage. “If necessary precautions are not taken, such as the minimum 24-hour patch test and products being left on for the correct amount of time, there is a risk that this could lead to permanent loss of lashes or burnt eyelids,” says Trisha. “This can cause contact dermatitis which can then lead to an ongoing eye sensitivity and allergic reactions to other products such as eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, and even skincare creams. Not to mention the safety of your eyesight.

Similarly, our Consultant Optometrist Francesca Marchetti warns us about the dangers of the chemicals found in DIY lash lift kits. “People should absolutely not be doing at-home lash lift kits. They can cause severe danger to the eye if used without the correct training, such as chemical burns from the ammonia that they often contain. Should these chemicals enter the eye, they could burn the cornea (surface of the eye) causing ulceration and possibly even scar tissue, all of which would be extremely painful and potentially even sight-threatening.”


Why should I wait for a professional lash lift?

In short? It’s simply not worth taking the risk. Lash artists are trained in how to use the correct formulations safely, using specific timings, application techniques and equipment. “When a lash lift is performed, professionals are using chemicals that if used incorrectly can cause significant damage,” says our Head of Product Development Angela Thiagarajah. “If steps aren’t left on for the correct timings, not applied in the correct way or not removed properly, this can lead to lash loss.” Plus (with DIY lash lift kits) any damage that has been caused isn’t immediately apparent, it can take a week before the lashes might start to dry out or become brittle and snap, so it’s not easy to tell whether you have performed the lift properly at the time.

Angela suggests ensuring that your lashes are in optimum health for when you do return for a treatment, instead of using a DIY lash lift kit. “My advice would be to focus on caring for your lashes and applying conditioning or strengthening products such as the Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum or Triple Enhance Lash Serum.” Francesca Marchetti also suggests using this time to get your natural lashes in good condition with nourishing products, “so that when we come out the other side of this, your lashes will be beautifully preened and conditioned.” Alternatively, a good mascara for the time being is another option, as well as eyelash curlers.


Let’s leave the lash lifting and brow lamination to the experts!