Meet Your Trainer: Jo Cusworth

Meet Your Trainer: Jo Cusworth

Jo Cusworth has been here at Nouveau Lashes since 2013. As well as being a trainer at our Yorkshire Academy, she also owns The Beauty Works in Mirfield, where she provides a full range of beauty treatments from 3D Lipo to waxing, and has even recently started a course in microblading!

Below she has shared how she manages to juggle her family business, Nouveau Lashes trainer work, international jet-setting for CIDESCO, and still have the drive and enthusiasm to learn new tricks and techniques to broaden her experience and knowledge of all aspects of the beauty industry.

Have you always wanted to pursue a career path in the beauty industry?

No, I didn’t train to be a therapist until I was 30. Prior to training I worked for a family business. It was mainly sales orientated but I did anything that needed doing!

What made you become a Nouveau Lashes Trainer?

When I graduated from The Yorkshire College of Beauty, I was taken on as a tutor covering someone’s maternity leave. One thing led to another and I ended up staying on for another 21 years(!) with the last 10 years in the role of Assistant Principal. I knew of Karen Betts from my time at the college, and decided to look into lash training with Nouveau Lashes. I was used to working with the best at YCOB, so I knew this was going to be the right company to train with.

When did you train with Nouveau Lashes?

I trained in LVL first in June 2013, and went on to complete Extend and Express.  As soon as I started my training I realised I missed teaching, having left the College 6 months earlier – so I applied for a Nouveau Lashes Trainer vacancy!

When did you open your salon?

I opened The Beauty Works in July 1998.

How do you balance both jobs?

My daughter has worked with me since opening the salon, making it easier for me to balance both running the salon and teaching. I am also an International Examiner for CIDESCO having travelled worldwide in this role, so I manage to fit this in as well!

What other treatments do you carry out?

I’m an all-round therapist so I perform most treatments, specialising in advanced treatments such as red vein removal and 3D Lipo. I’m also currently undergoing training for Microblading…. proving you are never too old to learn!

What do you love about lashes?

Lashes can make such a difference to someone’s appearance, I get a kick out of seeing the reaction of my clients when they see the results. I enjoy the fast-moving pace of technology in the beauty industry, and lashes are no exception to this when it comes to advances in treatments and techniques.

How does working as a Nouveau Lashes Trainer differ from working in the salon? What do you enjoy most about each?

I have always enjoyed passing on my skills and knowledge to students during their training. In the salon, I get the opportunity to help clients with whatever their needs are which is also very satisfying.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to train with Nouveau Lashes?

Lashes are a huge part of the beauty industry, and can prove very profitable. However, to reach your maximum potential you need to train with the best, be the best, use the best and give the best possible treatment and service to your clients. Don’t cut corners as clients deserve better. They know the difference between good treatments and bad treatments and are willing to pay for quality, so give them it!

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to open their own beauty business/salon?

I would certainly say go for it! Do your research, choose your location carefully, look at the market and find out who your competitors are. I firmly believe that if you give your clients the best possible treatment, use premium products and deliver the best customer service, you will be rewarded with success and have a great career ahead.

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