Our Master Lash Artist Met The World-Renowned Maven Artistry…

Our Master Lash Artist Met The World-Renowned Maven Artistry…

If you follow our Instagram stories, you might have seen we recently had the pleasure of meeting  Trina Dial Horne, the founder of Maven Artistry.  The American lash expert is a world-renowned lash educator and artist. Here at Nouveau Lashes, we believe in personal development and lifelong learning, so our master lash artist Debbie Law attended the two-day Volume Level II course, hosted at our Purley training academy.

We caught up with Debbie afterwards to find out what she learned as an already established lash artist…

What made you sign up for Maven Artistry course?

I’ve heard a lot of amazing things about Trina, including her training and work. The training course has made me want to do more. There is always space to develop on a personal level. It’s important to experiment with different techniques to figure out your preferred way. As an educator, it is good to know alternative techniques. It was a great feeling to be amongst incredible lash artists. It’s amazing when lash artists help each other.  

What did you learn from the Maven Artistry course?

Trina inspired me. She made me want to lift my profile even more. It was nice to confirm the techniques we use with a lash master/guru. Trina also included lots of hints and tips for social media, which I find very useful when sharing my lash results with clients.

Do you think it’s important to constantly develop your lash skills?

Yes 100%. You don’t want complacently to set in, whatever you may be doing. Not that I ever felt complacent, but over time we can all become creatures of habit. It is so important to learn from others and be inspired. I don’t think you can ever stop learning.

What is your advice to lash technicians looking to perfect their fanning?

Aim to inspire. Do your homework. Practise. Raise  your bar. However, don’t be hard on yourself as sometimes the inspirational photos we see on social media aren’t achievable in your lashing time slot. Look on Instagram, be inspired. You sometimes need to think outside the box. As long as you are performing the treatment safely, you can be as creative as you like with fanning. Experiment with bespoke fans. Work together with fellow lash artists. Ask for advice. Empower each other.

What mistakes do people make when looking for a lash technician?

They look for the cheapest. Skill doesn’t come cheap. And also, style. One style doesn’t fit all.

Top tips to sleeping with lash extensions?

Fluff up your pillow and rest your hand one the side you sleep on. Other people suggest using a travel neck pillow, although I wouldn’t recommend this for long term use.

How was the training weekend?

I loved the course. It was like a little bubble of wonderful women working together to make other wonderful women feel beautiful. I believe your eyes are the centre of your soul. I want lash artists to focus on their clients eyes, then create bespoke lashes just for them. So, when they are out and about, people will think ‘wow you look so great, what have you done differently?’. Instead of noticing the lashes first then forgetting about their eyes.

You can enhance someone’s eyes and face by creating the correct lashes for them. I advise artists to lash map with their clients’ eyes open to make sure the result compliments the client perfectly. 

Stay tuned for hints and tips from Maven Artistry herself, coming very soon…