LVL Lashes - The Best Lashes For Holiday | Nouveau Lashes

LVL Lashes - The Best Lashes For Holiday | Nouveau Lashes
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Holiday beauty checklist time? Whether you are going for a long, romantic weekend in a gorgeous European city, a wild week of partying with a group of girlfriends or you’ve booked a one-way flight to a tropical destination on the other side of the world, there is one treatment that fits all: LVL

The treatment itself takes just 45 minutes, and with results being instant, it’s possible to squeeze a last-minute appointment in whilst you are otherwise up to your eyeballs in laundry, check-in itinerarys and random bikini bottoms. (Hallelujah!). Holiday beauty prep FTW!

Want more reasons to book yourself in for our most popular lash lifting treatment? Look no further!

Like we just mentioned, the results are immediate. This means that whilst you’re in the middle of trying to arrange transfers and taxis, cram as many pairs of shoes as you possibly can fit in your suitcase (including overspill into your hand luggage) and whittle your lipstick collection to your absolute favourites, you won’t have to worry about your lashes. The only thing to remember is not to get them wet for 24 hours after your treatment, so try and book the day before you fly, in case you feel a strong urge to bomb into the pool as soon as you arrive!

They’re low maintenance. Music to any jet-setters ears, we’re sure you will agree! If you want to keep them feeling strong and healthy, then we recommend brushing through them with our Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum, but apart from that, you’re good to go!

They create the appearance of mascara, without the actual need for any! Tinting the lashes is part of the LVL treatment process (also known as a ‘colour boost’) so you will leave your appointment with totally transformed eyelashes. On any holiday, it’s inevitable you will be dipping in and out of the pool or the sea, so you can say goodbye to panda eyes! Look like a total babe on the beach without the risk of emerging from the water looking like an extra from American Horror Story.

They last 6-8 weeks, which is perfect for those lucky enough to be jetting off to the other side of the world on something long haul. Wake up every day looking like the bronzed, beach goddess that you are, knowing you look a million dollars! (Even if you did indulge in one too many Pina coladas the night before!)

Want something a little more glamorous for the evening time? Ask your technician for a medium or a large shield during your consultation. This means that, as well as getting a gorgeous lift of your lashes, there is enough room for you to apply strip lashes behind them. This also applies to you if you love a bit of liquid liner- requesting a medium or a large shield means you will be able to reach behind your lash lift to apply your make-up, without compromising on the results.

Have we tempted you? Don’t miss out on the most low maintenance holiday beauty must have! Head over to our salon finder to book in with a talented LVL technician in your area.





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