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Lash treatments create beautiful bonds

Lash treatments create beautiful bonds

The treatment is just the start

It’s truly the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  We’re delighted to share the stories of six amazing individuals who experience a #beautifulbond…

Meet Lynn and Leila from Glasgow. Leila was looking for a lash artist a few years ago when she came across Lynn and she hasn’t looked back since. Their connection is so strong, Since Leila moved down south, she still travels back to me for treatments, if that isn’t a bond, I don’t know what is.” – Lynn

Leila recommends Nouveau Lashes to all her friends; “From my very first treatment, Lynn made me feel so comfortable, understood what I wanted and now we’ve became great friends. Since then she’s my go-to therapist for any beauty treatments. I value her expertise and wouldn’t go anywhere else.” – Leila

Lynn has over 10 years experience in the beauty industry.  She decided to take her career to the next level and train in LVL lash lifting over two years ago.

When asked why she chose Nouveau Lashes, Lynn said; I’d yet to come across a treatment which enhanced your own natural lashes with such instant and incredible results! The fact LVL causes no damage and is zero maintenance was a winner for me! LVL was a treatment I knew my clients would love as much as me and I wanted to introduce this right away. It has been one of my no1 treatments since and always will be.”


Sara and Dani are both from Manchester. Sara says, “I would 100% recommend being a self-employed lash artist. Being your own boss is tough but very rewarding! You’re able to create a strong bond with every client that walks through the door. Working for yourself means you put more love into your work, you’re passionate about your job, each treatment is a reflection on myself (my business) I want every client to have flawless lashes!”

The thing Sara loves the most about her lash career is revealing the treatment results to her clients. I love seeing clients’ reactions to my work, that has to be the most rewarding part!” she says.

Since Dani has been going to Sara for lash extensions, they have got to know each other so much so, a beautiful friendship has evolved. Dani says, “It’s so nice to have a friend and amazing lash artist rolled into one!”

Before Dani’s first lash treatment she felt nervous, but that soon changed. Dani said; “I was really nervous about getting them done but I had a consultation with Sara, and she made me feel so at ease and relaxed about everything!”


Amanda and Danielle are our next beautiful bond, from Glasgow. After becoming a mum, Amanda was looking for a career change which would fit around around her lifestyle; My lash career 100% works around my life. As a busy mummy of two beautiful babies it gives me flexibility, work life balance but also enables me to be a successful businesswoman.”

When we asked Amanda why she chose Nouveau Lashes she said, I have always preferred high quality products and on researching brands it was clear Nouveau Lashes would give me that. Given Nouveau Lashes are the pioneers of LVL it was a no brainier to train with them.”

Amanda and Danielle built their beautiful bond with trust, soon becoming an amazing friendship. It’s amazing how having the LVL treatment done by a lash artist you trust allows you to open-up… and for an amazing friendship to bloom.” – Amanda

When we asked Danielle what she loves most about her Nouveau Lashes she said; “I feel full of confidence without make-up on.”


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