Get to know: International Lash Trainer and Artist – Debbie Law

Get to know: International Lash Trainer and Artist – Debbie Law

As part of our commitment to educate the masses in lash health, we have enrolled masters in their fields so we can bring you expert advice. With trusted experience and incredible knowledge to make sure that we all take great care of our eyes, we’re delighted to have them on-board as we teach everyone that you can #NLHaveItAll.

We’ve sat down with our Eyelash Care Expert Panel member Debbie Law to talk all about eyes. Allow us to introduce Debbie

Debbie is one of the UK’s leading lash artists. During her 10 years in the lash industry, Debbie has travelled around the world teaching other trainers and lash artists the latest techniques and treatments. Her work has appeared on the red carpet, on the television screen and her client base is made up of celebrities, models and influencers.

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Do lash treatments make people feel more confident?

“I meet people at all stages of their life who may have booked a treatment for a special occasion, who want to restore lost lashes, or want to achieve a certain style. There’s not a day that goes by when I’m not delighted by the visible impact eyelash treatments have on a person’s confidence.”

What mistakes do people make when looking for a lash technician?

“Often, people look for the cheapest. Skill doesn’t come cheap. Another mistake is wanting a certain style without a consultation. As one lash style doesn’t fit all eye shapes.”

Top tips for sleeping with lash extensions?

“Fluff up your pillow and rest your hand one the side you sleep on. Other people suggest using a travel neck pillow, although I wouldn’t recommend this for long term use.”

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Do you feel that lashes can have the power to enhance the whole face? 

“I believe your eyes are the centre of your soul. I want lash artists to focus on their client’s eyes, then create bespoke lashes just for them. So, when they are out and about, people will think ‘wow you look so great, what have you done differently?’. Instead of noticing the lashes first. You can enhance someone’s eyes and face by creating the correct lashes for them.”

How important is it to follow the weight-for-weight technique when applying lashes?

“Very important. Nouveau Lashes’ Extend Lashes are applied to each individual natural eyelash using an exclusive ‘weight-for-weight’ lash application ratio. This means your natural set won’t be weighed down, helping to keep your lashes healthy. If this technique isn’t followed, it could result in damage to your natural lashes.”

Which is the best lash treatment for short or fine lashes?

“Extend lashes are so versatile and look stunning, which is what makes them so popular. These lashes are perfect for those who have short or fine lashes and want to give them a boost. “But equally, they’re very popular for those who want that wow factor. A lot of brides tend to go for this treatment because it lasts for the wedding, the honeymoon and the extensions are still there once they’ve returned.”

How often do you recommend having in-fills with eyelash extensions?

“For anyone looking to make the most out of their lashes I recommend having them in-filled every two to three weeks.”

Which lash treatment is best if you are short on time?

“Our Express treatment is a great way to quickly pep up those eyes. What’s so great about this service is how speedy it is and suits any budget, so you can treat yourself to a salon service without breaking the bank. Express is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to having a full set of extensions, which require daily care and maintenance for an extended period.”

Which lash treatment requires low maintenance?

“LVL. A lot of women like their own lashes when they have mascara on, but it’s not always practical. For instance, if we’re sat at a computer all day, we tend to rub our eyes more often, which can ruin our make-up, and irritate our eyes. This is a great low maintenance treatment to create beautiful everyday lashes. It’s the perfect treatment for anyone who doesn’t have time for a full make-up regime.”


Which lash treatment adds the most volume to natural lashes?

“SVS. We’re able to reduce the amount of time the treatment takes due to the refined technique which is unique to Nouveau Lashes. The effect is achieved by applying several lashes on to every natural lash. But we never overburden your natural lashes, being careful to use our weight-for-weight application technique, so your natural lashes stay healthy.”

How can you easily understand the different lash treatments on the market?

“Think about the occasion, how much time and money you want to spend, and your expectations. You should also make the health and condition of your lashes and your eyes a priority.”

How important is a consultation prior to a treatment?

“If it’s your first time in a new salon, with a new technician having a new treatment, a consultation is a must. A consultation gives the lash technician the opportunity to look at your eye shape and lashes to find out exactly what can be achieved by each treatment.”

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