How To Find The Right Lash Style

How To Find The Right Lash Style

Lash treatments are more popular today than ever before; no longer are false lashes seen as something for a special occasion and many of us love to wear lashes every day of the week, viewing them as much of a beauty staple as foundation or mascara.

With so much demand, the range of lash treatments available is now incredibly varied and no matter your eye shape, fashion tastes, personality or occasion, there is a lash style to suit you.

So how do you find the perfect lash style for you? Let’s take a look.

For low maintenance, natural looking lashes

Try: LVL Lash Lift

This lash style is for those who like the natural look, or for those who want a low maintenance lash style that won’t require further visits to a salon. It’s also perfect for women who go to the gym or take part in sport, those who are going on holiday and for women who do not like the look of false lashes.

The beauty of LVL Enhance is that it does not involve any extensions; instead the treatment naturally lifts your lashes to create length and volume from the roots. The treatment will last from six to eight weeks and once they’re done, you’re good to go! All we would recommend is that you frequently condition your lashes to keep them healthy and shiny by using our conditioning serum.

For quick, easy to apply lashes from home

Try: Strip Lashes

If you like to experiment with different lash styles, you enjoy applying make-up or you just want some quick and easy lashes to apply as and when, then our range of strip lashes is for you.

Our strip lashes come in three different styles: natural, volume and glamour, so you can mix and match and create your look your way. Our lashes are known for their high quality and our a-mazing strip lash adhesive has had rave reviews for its staying power.

For quick, easy to apply lashes in the salon

Try: Express strip lashes, lash fillers or extensions

If you want lashes in minutes but you aren’t confident about applying them yourself, Nouveau technicians can do them for you! From five minute strip lash applications, to lash fillers that last for a week, this lash style is perfect for those who want lashes for a special occasion and applied by a professional stylist. This style is also ideal for those who just can’t get their heads around applying false lashes at home (there’s a lot of us, don’t worry).

For long-lasting, beautiful lashes

Try: Extend lash extensions

If you want to wake up every day with long, luscious lashes, then we recommend individual lash extensions. Lash extensions give the appearance of fuller, longer and thicker looking lashes. Those who really want the wow-factor should try out the Russian Volume style for a full, glamourous look.

This lash style is also perfect for those who want gorgeous lashes for an event like a wedding, but don’t want to take them off at the end of the night. Lash extensions can last up to eight weeks, though you will need to pop into the salon for a maintenance treatment every two to three weeks to keep your lashes looking their best.

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