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Eye Catching: Summer 2019 Makeup Trends

Eye Catching: Summer 2019 Makeup Trends

New season. New styles.  Summer is all about brighter, lighter and more colourful looks.

Bright eyes

Summer is all about bold colours. Summer colours always tend to mimic the exuberant colours you can find in fruits, flowers and plants. So, don’t shy away from exciting shades like a wall flower, and instead be at the forefront and blossom this summer.

Pared-back eyes

The ‘no make-up’ look (whilst using a subtle amount of it) is the makeup look that’s hitting the catwalk.

Re-create this look with ease. Book an LVL Lash Lift. This lifting and tinting of your natural lashes, frames your eyes and makes them a focal point.

Take perfect care of your newly lifted lashes with our Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum. Your beautiful lashes will be nourished and healthy, giving you the confidence to go mascara-free.

Take it up a notch with our Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser. Great for sensitive eyes, it thoroughly cleans and conditions the entire eye area, removing potential irritants. So, you’re left feeling beautifully refreshed.

Clumpy Mascara

Whether you’re feeling the grungy summer 2019 makeup trend or you simply want to frame your eyes with minimal makeup, mascara is key.

If you want to pair clumpy mascara with clean skin, then take inspiration from Twiggy’s iconic look, and apply thick and messy mascara to both lower and upper lashes.

For lash extension devotees, our Enhance Mascara is a necessity. Developed specifically for individual lash extensions, you can take your look from glam to ultra-glam in a sweep of the wand without affecting the adhesive bonds.


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