A Day in the Life of: Carly Rowena

A Day in the Life of: Carly Rowena

Welcome to the life of a fitness blogger…

A typical day for Carly Rowena can consist of training clients, training, travelling, eating ALL OF THE CARBS, replying to emails, seeing friends, grabbing coffee, attending events, photoshoots, blogging, vlogging and everything else in between- phew! Balancing an action-packed work life, a buzzing social life, and managing to cram a few hours of sleep in there somewhere as well is bound to influence your beauty regime, but this doesn’t mean it’s a negative one!

Working hard = perspiring.

It’s inevitable, so heavy make-up doesn’t stand a chance (nor would anyone really want to wear it when they are in #beastmode, right?)  However, there is a certain wonder-treatment which is extremely low maintenance, requires no extra TLC for up to 8 weeks and is super cost effective, yes, we’re talking about LVL!

The simple, but effective lash lift opens your eyes, lengthens your lashes and causes absolutely no damage to your natural lashes- making it perfect for regular gym-goers and those who are always on the move.

This month for our A Day in the Life feature, we caught up with Carly who we recently sent to try out our LVL lash treatment. Follow her blog for quick IG work-outs, delicious breakfast inspo (not a cornflake in sight!) serious body confidence motivation and all round positive vibes!

What time does your alarm go off in the morning?

Generally, 6am. Ouch, I know! But it’s worth it, I get so much more done and I’m such an early bird, it’s amazing waking up while the world is silent.

What does a typical day in the life of Carly Rowena consist of?

Wake up, play with my Frenchie Steven, make a chocolate protein frappe before scheduling posts on my social platforms. Next I grab Steven and we run to my gym where I train 3/4 clients before training myself. Next it’s time to run home, whip up a quick lunch, reply to emails, film a video or write a blog post and then head to CrossFit. CrossFit is my ‘me’ time where I can switch off, then head home where I eat all the food, run a bath and usually fall asleep on the sofa.

Describe your daily beauty regime?

I previously had bad acne, so skin is something I am always working on. In the morning I wash my face with water and then apply Lancôme Genifique serum, followed by Lush million dollar moisturiser. In the evening I use Micellar water to remove the daily grind and wash my skin with Lush Angels on Bare Skin Scrub.

More time to get ready or 10 minutes extra in bed?

10 minutes extra in bed, I’m such a no makeup girl!

What is your favourite thing about LVL?

They are so beautifully curled and separate, I’ve had so many people ask if I’m wearing false lashes! It’s a super quick treatment, zero fuss and very little aftercare, plus I know it’s not something I have to maintain every 4 weeks, it’s such a great investment.

Would you describe yourself as low maintenance or high maintenance?

Low maintenance.

What would you say is your best feature?

Most people would say my abs or butt (that sounds so vain) but I love how my eyes change colour, they’re either green, blue or grey.

How did you turn your passion into a career?

I used to work in marketing and although I knew it wasn’t where I wanted to be, nothing stood out about me so it was hard to know what I was supposed to do. I turned to YouTube in hopes of finding my passion, treating it like a video diary and before long my followers were the ones to tell me where my career should go… Fitness! I haven’t looked back since, and I will forever be in debt to those people for helping me realise.

What advice do you have for anyone trying to up their fitness game?

Make one small change each week and turn them into habits, if you do everything at once you’ll feel overwhelmed and crash, baby steps make big differences.

Life motto?

Life is not a destination, it’s a journey.

Lash extensions or LVL?


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