Coronavirus: How You Can Support Your Local Lash Artist

Coronavirus: How You Can Support Your Local Lash Artist

There’s no doubt that we are living in uncertain, difficult times. As the number of coronavirus cases continue to spread, it’s easy to feel a little anxious… especially if you’re having to self-isolate with your other half!

Whilst many of us are lucky to be able to work from home, independent businesses will be feeling the strain. We know lots of salons, mobile beauticians and lash artists will be concerned (with many making the decision to close) so we’ve pulled together some advice on how you can do your bit to support them. We’re all in this together!

Rearrange Your Appointment

If your salon has made the decision to close, then you will need to rearrange your appointment – your lash artist will be more than happy to accommodate you. Your lashes can always wait! Why not pay a deposit on your rearranged appointment and show some additional support? If you can’t rearrange, then you can always cancel.

Gift Vouchers

Instead of rearranging, you could purchase a gift voucher to redeem against your next appointment. This will help salons stay afloat whilst things are a bit uncertain. It’s also a great idea to purchase a gift voucher for your friend as well, then you both have something to look forward to! It’s important to stay positive.

Get Summer Ready

As a way of offering security to your lash artist, why not book lash appointments in for any summer plans you have coming up? It’s exciting, plus it gives your lash artist a little bit of positivity! Offer to pay a deposit or booking fee upfront to help.

Offer Support

A lot of us are self-isolating right now, which can feel a bit lonely. Reach out to your local lash artist via social media or give them a call to see how they are. You could leave a glowing review on their website, like their content or even share photos. Show your support!

If we all rally together and support each other, we can get through this!

Stay safe. Be kind.