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Your complete survival guide to eyelash treatments

Your complete survival guide to eyelash treatments

Beautiful eyelashes speak volumes. When they look and feel fantastic, they provide us with confidence in the blink of an eye.

But many people don’t think about the chances they’re taking with their sensitive eye area when they use a salon without properly researching beforehand.

A survey of 1,000 women found that just a third choose their eyelash treatment based on the safest technique and only a sixth (16%) find out the level of training their eyelash technician has received.

But failing to respect our eye health can lead to irritation and infection.

Optometrist Francesca Marchetti warns: “Poor extensions can damage the hair follicle. This causes lashes to drop out completely and in some cases the damage can be permanent. This can then lead to blepharitis, a condition in which the edges of the eyelids become inflamed.”

But it doesn’t mean that lash lovers have to shy away from their favourite look. By following a few essential rules, eyelash treatments can be as safe as a regular salon treatment on your hair.

So, don’t let your lashes become a sight for sore eyes. You can achieve the lash look you’ve got your heart set on with this step-by-step guide towards safe eyelash treatments.


Eyelash treatments include extensions, tints, lifts and traditional strip lashes, so the first step is to find out how they look, how they fit with your style and whether they suit your lifestyle too.

Deborah Law, Nouveau Lashes’ international lash trainer, advises: “Think about the occasion, how much time and money you want to spend, and your expectations. You should also make the health and condition of your lashes and your eyes a priority.”

If you’ve decided the look you want, but you’re not too keen on a ‘one eyelash size suits all’ approach, it’s important to research the right brand for you.

Nouveau Lashes offer a range of premium eyelash treatments that are tailored to suit your style, budget and schedule.


Many of us choose our hairdressing salon based on the brand’s style and how it fits the look we want to achieve. Choosing a salon for your eyelash treatment should be no different and brand can be a good indicator of quality.

Different brands will use specific materials for the actual lash extensions (which can include mink, silk and other synthetics) as well as different adhesives.

The salon’s technicians will also be trained to specific brand standards, so identifying a good brand will help you narrow your search.


You wouldn’t let anyone other than a trained expert examine your eyes. And you shouldn’t walk into a salon or let a technician near your eyelashes without confirming their safety standards or that they’re fully qualified.

Eyelash treatment processes use elements that, if not handled correctly, could cause lasting damage to your eyelashes.

“Extra weight on lashes from extensions can have an adverse effect on lash growth and condition, so ensure you see a professional,” warns trichologist Trisha Buller.

The sensitive skin around your eyes is also at the mercy of the salon and technician you use.

Dermatologist Justine Hextall says: “Inappropriate product use can make skin hypersensitive, leading to inflammation and dermatitis, which can also damage lashes.”

Eye health expert Francesca recommends reading online reviews of both the salon and the technician and asking to see up-to-date safety and training certificates.

You can easily find Nouveau Lashes technicians who are trained to the highest standards with a health-first approach on Salon finder.


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